Our Carolina Promise

Welcome to Carteret County Democratic Party site. We are your neighbors and have the same concerns as you do: a quality education for our young people, affordable healthcare for everyone, jobs with a living wage, and keeping our coast healthy, beautiful, and free from drilling. We work to ensure that all our voices are heard locally as well as at the state and national level. As Democrats, we are traditionally the ‘big tent’ party that welcomes everyone regardless of who you are. All North Carolinians should have a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, how much money they have, or who they love. This is something we believe in and need to continually reaffirm in practice. You can read our platform here.

2019 Precinct Organizing

Precinct Chairs – Please schedule your annual precinct meeting. Meetings must occur during February 4 to February 18 timeframe and they must be scheduled and reported to Renee Hawthorne no later than December 30. This is the foundation of our grassroots effort. So grab at least 4 of your democratic neighbors with 3 of them willing to serve as a precinct officer and schedule the meeting. Make it as big a deal or little a deal as it takes to make this meeting happen so that your precinct is officially recognized as organized. That is the 10,000 foot level.

Please read the details here: Precinct Organizing to get all the information you need. Carteret Democrats put their time and passion into this last election. Let’s keep the momentum going. 


Stronger NC Guidance

DMV Ids – It’s a challenge


This is Us

Does your vote really make a difference? Check out 11/13 Daily Clips. There are races in NC right now in which Democrats have a lead of a few dozen votes and they are still counting absentee and provisional ballots. 

Mark Your Calendars!

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Monthly Officer’s Meeting

When: Sat, November 17, 10am – 11am
Where: TBD

Meets at Courthouse in Beaufort. Agenda, Minutes, Video.

Meets at Morehead Parks and Recreation.


Rest and Regroup with thankfulness to all our truly terrific candidates for a job well done.

Carteret County Democratic Party Bulletin Board  

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Our Children Our Future - Fight for Public Education

Carteret County teachers, administrators, and staff share a deep commitment to the success of our students. They work hard giving their best every day to our children. However, the challenges our teachers and administrators face require that our county government shares a similar commitment to excellence in our public schools.   This means backing our Public Schools with the level of financial support needed to make excellence happen. This includes paying teachers a competitive wage and providing the schools with the resources they need to educate our children.

  • Local spending on public schools in North Carolina is 40th in the nation**
  • Teacher pay is 39th in the nation*
  • Investment per student is 41st in the nation**
  • Carteret County has 18 schools – they face huge challenges
    • Almost 50% of our students not prepared in English and Math for college or ready for a career*
    • Economically disadvantaged students*
      • 11 schools have more than 50% economically disadvantaged students 
      • 3 schools have more 62% economically disadvantaged students 
      • 5 schools have more than 30% and less than 50% economically disadvantaged students 
      • 2 schools have less than 30% economically disadvantaged students 
    • Academic Readiness*
      • 47-63% of our students moving up from middle to high school are not ready
      • 32-56% of our students moving up from elementary to middle school are not ready
    • Academic Success*
      • 3 of 4 middle schools received an NC rating of C
      • 1 high school and 1 elementary school received an NC rating of A
    • SAT Score Rankings***
      • 30% of students took the SATs
      • Average SAT score was 1182
      • Of 113 NC School Systems, Carteret ranks 88th in percentage of students who took the SATs but ranks second in average score 


* NC Report Cards   ** US Rankings By State  ***SAT Scores By State Local School Finance Study


2018 Carteret Democratic Party HQ Ribbon Cutting

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