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Big Blue Wave

Big Blue Wave February 19 - Be there!



Precinct meetings are taking place February 5th - 19th. The focus ia on getting as many people as possible to the meetings. Consider your precinct meeting PHASE I of the get out the vote (GOTV) for the November 2018 election. Precincts are our grassroots and are the key to Progressives winning! Precinct data will be updated after meetings complete and data is finalized.

Don't Miss Your Precinct Meeting:

Contact your precinct officer (click on "County/Precinct Officers" on the menu) to find out about your precinct meeting. The dates are below with the list of precincts holding their meetings. Click on Carteret County Precinct Meeting Schedule to get the time and location of your precinct meeting.

  • February 17: Morehead City-3, Morehead City-4, Otway/Straits/Bettie, Pine Knoll Shores, Emerald Isle, Newport-2, Merrimon
  • February 18: Wiregrass/Harlowe
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    Open Events Calendar


  • Monday, February 19th at 6:00 pm, Board of Commissioners meeting at Courthouse in Beaufort. Agenda, Minutes, Video.
  • Tuesday, February 20th at 6:00 pm, NAACP meeting at Morehead Parks and Rec.
  • Wednesday, February 21st at 5:15 pm, CCDP Officers Meeting Carteret County Chamber of Commerce, Morehead City meeting at Morehead Parks and Rec.
  • Monday, February 26th at 6:00 pm, Indivisible meeting cancelled for February. Facebook for more info.
  • li>Monday, March 5th at 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Our Revolution meets at the Webb Library, Morehead City.Our Revolution Carteret is a formal chapter of the national Our Revolution organization and is composed of progressives who believe the best way to make change is to work within the Democratic Party. All are invited regardless of voter affiliation.
  • Wednesday, March 7th at 5:15 pm, Democractic Women LTE Meets at the Webb Library, Morehead City.This is a monthly meeting of individuals who want to express Democratic opinions in the local and state newspapers.
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  • Monday, March 19th at 6:00 pm, Board of Commissioners meeting at Courthouse in Beaufort. Agenda, Minutes, Video.
  • Tuesday, March 20th at 6:00 pm, NAACP meeting at Morehead Parks and Rec.
  • Events

  • Tuesday, February 27th at 5:30 pm, CCDW Social at No Name Pizza, Morehead City.
  • Monday, March 19th at 1-3 pm, Big Blue Wave at Back Street Pub, Beaufort.
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    Call to Action ...



    Resist BotUse Resistbot to contact Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, and Walter Jones. Simply text Resist to 50409. Resistbot will take you through a series of prompts to get your information and your message. It will then fax it to Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, and Walter Jones. If the Resistbot humans particularly like your message, they will offer to format it into a letter-to-the-editor and submit it to the local newspaper.

    Countable AppDownload the Countable App to track legislation. Congress is rapidly addressing their wishlist and a lot of bills fly under the radar.  Countable provides the pros and cons of any given legislation, gives you the opportunity to vote Yay and Nay and delivers the tally to your representative prior to the vote. It also lets you know how your representative voted. Great way to follow the Congressional comings and goings to fuel those calls, emails, postcards, and faxes to Congress.

    Fax, Phone, and/or Write a Letter to your NC democratic party representatives and senators across the state to ensure that our party in the General Assembly understands where you stand on issues and bills that they will be voting on.  Click the link for a list of Democrats in the NC House and Senate. NC Assembly Democrats

    Stronger NCStronger NC is making advocacy and activism easy, to help those fighting for social justice, women's rights and government responsibility, using action to create change, building upon the momentum of the Woman's March and release of Indivisible. Ensuring equality for all in North Carolina. Activist Groups




    Building the Bench ... of Democratic Candidates


    What's the Pipeline Project?

    The Pipeline Project is the North Carolina Democratic Party’s new program to recruit, train, and support candidates running for local office in the 2017 Special Election. Representative Graig Meyer (NC House District 50) has launched a Facebook Live series called “Our Shot” focused on building North Carolina’s bench, recruiting candidates, and organizing for the 2017 Special Election.  More Info

    Wellstone - DNC's Flagship Training Program

    Camp Wellstone is the DNC's flagship training program. Started in early 2003, Camp Wellstone (CW) is open to anyone interested in gaining practical skills in progressive political action. We train candidates, campaign workers, and organizers how to win progressive change. More Info

    Emerge America - Premier Training Program for Democratic Women

    Emerge America inspires women to run and hones their skills to win. There goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office. More info

    Emily's List

    Igniting change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office. More Info

    National Democratic Training Committee

    Free campaign training for every Democratic candidate. Everywhere. More Info

    Run for Something - Looking for Young Scrappy Outsiders

    Run for Something will recruit and support talented, passionate young people who will advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench.


    Recent News & Events


    Celebrating Our Veterans

    Parade01 Parade02 Parade03

    Morehead City Veterans Day Parade - Carteret Democratic Party showing its support for veterans at the annual parade.

    Parade01 Parade02 Parade03

    Parade01 Parade02 Parade03

    Beaufort 4th of July Parade - Carteret Democratic Party and Carteret Democratic Women mixing it up at the annual parade.

    Merrimon Social Merrimon Potluck Merrimon Potluck

    Merrimon Community Picnic - More precinct action when 35 Merrimon Precinct Democrats  met at South River Park for a picnic on July 8th.

    April 22nd March for Science in Beaufort

    Crowd Park Rangers FrontStreet

    March for Science - Carteret For Science, a local advocacy group concerned with recent governmental budget cuts to scientific agencies and institutes, sponsored the event enabling Carteret County to join the nation in celebrating science with a march on April 22nd in downtown Beaufort.

    March 11 Citizens Moral March held in Beaufort

    CitzensMarch.jpegApproximately 300 people gathered for a peaceful, non-partisan Citizens Moral March for Carteret County on Saturday, March 11, 2017 in Beaufort, NC.

    The march emphasized common issues affecting our county, state, and country including social and economic justice, equality,  and environmental issues. Speakers addressed jobs, voting rights, education, health care, homelessness, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and protecting our Crystal Coast.

    cm_Courthouse.JPG cm_gather3.JPG cm_Love.jpg




    Social media & Web Volunteers:

    We are looking for volunteers who can help with computer-based public outreach, including social media, e-mail, and simple website updates! Knowledge of html and/or wordpress is a plus, but not required - we will train!

    Please contact Renee Hawthorne jreneehawthorne@earthlink.net, 910-526-3574, for more information