Welcome to Carteret County Democratic Party site. We are your neighbors and have the same concerns as you do: a quality education for our young people, affordable healthcare for everyone, jobs with a living wage, and keeping our coast healthy, beautiful, and free from drilling. We work to ensure that all our voices are heard locally as well as at the state and national level. As Democrats, we are traditionally the ‘big tent’ party that welcomes everyone regardless of who you are. All North Carolinians should have a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, how much money they have, or who they love. This is something we believe in and need to continually reaffirm in practice. You can read our platform here.


Carteret County Democratic Party Update

For those of you who were elected as a delegate to the County Convention, please ensure you put the date of the convention on your calendar:  March 24, 10am, Carteret County Courthouse in Beaufort.  The purpose of the meeting is to adopt resolutions that have been submitted (due to Katie Tomberlin no later than March 17th) and to elect delegates to the District Convention, who will then adopt resolutions, and elect delegates to the State Convention.  From there, our Party Platform will be published.

Dear Democrat, 

From March 8th through the 10th, the Democratic National Committee will hold the 2018 Winter Meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington D.C. Along with our North Carolina Delegation, I will also be attending. In the spirit of transparency and “need to know,” please see below information concerning the meeting.

Meeting Schedule

  • The tentative schedule for the National Committee meeting here.
  • Agendas for the caucuses and councils here.

Standing Committee Vacancy
One item of business before the full membership will be the approval of an appointment to fill a standing committee vacancy. Chairman Tom Perez has nominated Judy Mount, State Committeewoman from Florida, to fill the vacancy on the Rules and Bylaws Committee.

Please see the list of resolutions submitted here.

Previously Noticed Charter Amendments
There are three proposed amendments to the DNC’s Charter and Bylaws to be considered by the full DNC body. Per the process the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee, at its meeting in Washington, D.C. on January 19th, considered and unanimously approved all three proposed amendments. You can find them here.

Unity Reform Commission
“Created during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the commission will recommend improvements to ensure the presidential nomination process is accessible, transparent, and inclusive. The commission is made up of 21 members selected by Sec. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and DNC Chair Tom Perez.”

Please find here the final report of the DNC’s Unity Reform Commission (URC).

You can also find an executive summary of the recommendations here

Some of the proposed URC reforms include:

  • Reducing the number of unpledged superdelegates by 60 percent
  • The creation of an Ombudsmen Council to address complaints and recommend improvements
  • Budget transparency with regular reporting of expenditures
  • A competitive contract bid process and greater vendor diversity
  • Primaries and Caucuses with same-day registration, same-day party affiliation switching, and absentee voting

As of now, the URC recommendations are being considered by the Rules & Bylaws committee which will meet again over the weekend. Not sure if an agreement will be made in time for a full vote at the Winter Meeting.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or the other members of the North Carolina DNC delegation.



From: Tom Perez

Democratic National Committee 

It’s been an exciting week at the DNC as we launched IWillVote – an unprecedented new campaign with four initiatives: Commit to Vote; Voter Registration; Voter Education and Protection; and Get-Out-The-Vote. Under the IWillVote program, the DNC, in partnership with state parties and organizations, aims to engage, educate, and mobilize 50 million voters from now until November to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. Millennial and college-aged voters are a crucial part of this effort. In recent days, we have seen the enormous power this generation can wield, and we are excited to translate this power into electoral victories across the country. 

In addition to launching the IWillVote Program, we also announced our upcoming IWillVote Gala, which will feature Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, and Doug Jones. 

I couldn’t be more excited about these efforts. Over the past year, we’ve seen what a difference Democratic voter turnout can make. In Virginia, we elected a Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, and flipped 15 seats in the House of Delegates from red to blue. In Alabama, we elected the state’s first Democratic senator in decades. And since Donald Trump was elected, Democrats have flipped 39 state legislative seats, including some in districts that Trump won by double digits. When we organize early and everywhere, we win up and down the ballot. 

There’s no time to lose. We saw historically low turnout in the last midterm elections — the lowest since World War II, and Republicans are working every day to erect barriers to the ballot and disenfranchise voters, particularly minority and youth voters. But while Trump and his rubber-stamp Republicans push to roll back the landmark Voting Rights Act or enact voter ID laws, Democrats are fighting for voters and their right to cast a ballot, because we believe every voice deserves to be heard and counted.

2018 is a crucial year and the momentum is on our side. This week, we flipped another two legislative seats from red to blue in New Hampshire and Connecticut. The victories of our Democratic candidates in these red districts tonight are further proof that when Democrats lead with our values and organize early, we can win anywhere. The DNC is proud to stand with Philip Spagnuolo and Phil Young, and we look forward to continuing our work with the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the Connecticut Democratic Party to elect Democrats up and down the ticket in 2018, 2020, and beyond. 

Finally, I want to wish you all a happy Women’s History Month. This month is an opportunity to celebrate women of every color, class, creed, and sexual orientation who have made invaluable contributions to this country since its inception. But as we’ve seen over the last year of the Trump administration, women’s fight for true equality is far from over. While President Obama’s administration made great strides, Donald Trump and Republicans across the country are blocking progress on critical issues like equal pay and affordable child care and have ratcheted up their attacks on women’s reproductive rights. 

Women are leading the resistance, and the Democratic Party will continue to stand in solidarity with women around the world marching for the equality they deserve. Democrats believe in equal pay and paid family leave. We believe in more affordable health care and child care, and better educational opportunities for young girls and women in America and around the world. We believe in ending violence and sexual harassment against women wherever it occurs so that no woman has to say ‘Me too.’ And we believe in electing women up and down the ballot so that our leaders actually represent the diversity of our people. 



North Carolina Democratic National Committee Members
Wayne Goodwin Aisha Dew John Verdejo
Denise Adams Shelia Huggins Cliff Moone
Ray McKinnon Akilah Ensley J. David Cox

Flood of legislative candidates points to enthusiasm in both parties
The Hill // Reid Wilson // March 6, 2018

Summary: “Political excitement among both Republicans and Democrats has led to an explosion of candidates running for office across the country, giving voters a choice between the two parties even in areas where one side has virtually conceded recent elections. ..While that means both Democrats and Republicans are running in many races they almost certainly will not win, the goal, party strategists and political scientists say, is to field candidates in as many races as possible to take maximum advantage of a favorable political climate.”

  • “In North Carolina, Democrats have recruited candidates in all 120 state House districts and all 50 state Senate districts, while Republicans are fielding candidates in all but one state House district. In 2016, by comparison, a third of North Carolina state House races and more than a quarter of Senate races were uncontested in the general election.”

Historic number of candidates file ahead of 2018 campaign season 
North State Journal // Donna King // March 7, 2018

Summary: “This week N.C.’s political parties are charting their courses to November after the candidate filing period ended February 28.  The flurry of activity was closely watched as candidates assessed races, raised money and eyed their competition.  For the first time nearly all 170 races in N.C. have a Democrat and a Republican running, and often a libertarian.  The exception is House District 24, where conservative Kenneth J. Fontenot, a Marine veteran and middle school teacher, filed as an unaffiliated candidate and the state Republican party plans an endorsement once he gets on the ballot by rounding up 2,000 signatures. “

In the wake of Parkland, NC’s gun control plans remain unclear
Daily Tar Heel // Emily Davis // March 6, 2018

Summary: “N.C. Rep. Graig Meyer, D-Orange, said he doesn’t believe new gun safety laws will come out of North Carolina anytime soon. “I think that for right now, we’re not likely to see any significant changes because the Republican majority has pushed the loosening of gun laws about as much as they can,” Meyer said.”

Rep. Duane Hall accuses NC Policy Watch of coordinating with his political opponents
N&O // Paul Specht and Colin Campbell // March 6, 2018
Summary: “A Democratic North Carolina legislator accused of sexual misconduct is accusing the group that first reported the allegations of violating rules for nonprofit organizations.”

Editorial: Legislators jeopardize pipeline mitigation fund, need to stop meddling
WRAL // Editorial // March 6, 2018

Summary: “Gov. Roy Cooper has been rightly cautious to fully embrace the Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline project. But he has similarly been rightly concerned and insistent that the pipeline developers deliver on their public relations promise that the project will be an economic boon for the area.The pipeline is mostly intended to bring natural gas to fuel power plants in the eastern part of the state. But the developers say there will be excess supplies that can be tapped for local industries – a potential asset for an area that has faced significant economic development struggles.”

Our View: The long, frustrating wait for GenX answers
Fayetteville Observer // Editorial // March 6, 2018

Summary: “Even as we wait with growing impatience for a better understanding of GenX’s effect on our bodies, we doubt anyone wants it in their salad or their pork chops. That’s the reason many people who live around the Chemours plant on the Cumberland-Bladen county line have decided against vegetable gardens this year. It’s the reason why others are letting their winter collard crop stay unpicked.”

  • “We’d like to believe that this GenX problem would spur immediate research to answer those questions, and shut down all emission of GenX until we have those answers. We wish we could report that’s happening.”
Uncompromising approach puts democracy at risk
Daily Reflector // Editorial // March 7, 2018

Summary: “North Carolina achieved a dubious honor earlier this year. Two Harvard professors named the state an example of what America in the post-Trump era in America may look like — a place of politics without guardrails…North Carolina Republican lawmakers have tried to intimidate and undermine state courts, take control of the elections board, gerrymander districts for the express purpose of electing as many Republicans as possible and diminish the power of Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat. Their efforts represent exactly the kind of behavior that Levitsky and Ziblatt write about, the autocratic impulse to sacrifice democracy in order to hold on to power.”

GOP’s 8-member elections-ethics board struck down. Is a third lawsuit on the horizon?
N&O // Anne Blythe // March 5, 2018

Summary: “A three-judge panel threw a new wrinkle into the oversight of elections and ethics complaints on Monday in a long-running power struggle between Republican lawmakers and the Democratic governor. The judges struck down a portion of a 2017 law that limited the governor’s power to decide who is on the board that plays a major role in where, when and how North Carolina votes and who has control over investigating ethics complaints against lawmakers and campaigns in a hyper-partisan political era.”

Gov. Cooper: Judges got it wrong on elections board ruling
WRAL // Gary Robertson // March 6, 2018

Summary: “A three-judge panel should strike down in its entirety a law that combines North Carolina state elections and ethics duties into one agency, attorneys for Gov. Roy Cooper said Tuesday. The Democratic governor’s legal motions came a day after a the panel determined that a state Supreme Court ruling issued in January only required them to throw out a small portion of the law.”

DEQ official: Permit decision separate from pipeline fund
WRAL // Laura Leslie // March 6, 2018

Summary: “Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration reiterated Tuesday that a decision to approve a key permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was in no way connected to a $57.8 million fund the pipeline operators provided. Sheila Holman, an assistant secretary at the state Department of Environmental Quality, is at least the third administration official questioned by lawmakers over a possible link between the permit and the fund, which were announced about 20 minutes apart on Jan. 26.”


Rallying NC Dems: Party chair cites record organizing 
Daily Advance // Jon Hawley // March 7, 2018

Summary: “The leader of North Carolina’s Democratic Party rallied the troops in Pasquotank County on Tuesday, urging local Democrats to join efforts to break Republicans’ legislative majorities and elect candidates he said are more committed to progress for all state residents. Wayne Goodwin’s visit to Elizabeth City continued the state Democratic Party chairman’s “rural listening tour” now winding through eastern North Carolina. During his meeting with the Pasquotank Democratic Party at the Golden Corral, Goodwin said Democrats aren’t taking any votes for granted, and statewide organizing for the 2018 midterms is already well underway.”

Dems seek voter surge: State chairman hopes to break GOP’s legislative supermajority in 2018
Wilson Times // Olivia Neeley // March 6, 2018

Summary: “Party officials are predicting a “Democratic revival” during the 2018 midterms and general election. And to make that happen, Democrats are organizing like never before and listening to voters’ concerns in rural counties, party leaders say. “We have Democrats running in every legislative district in the state for the first time ever,” said N.C. Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin. “We made history. We need to make sure voters have choices.””


HIgher prices for beer? NC brewers worried about Trump’s proposed tariffs 
N&O // Brian Murphy // March 6, 2018

Summary: “Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross isn’t worried about the impact of proposed tariffs on aluminum and steel on the price of beer. But North Carolina brewers are. “It’s just a couple pennies, but those pennies add up pretty quickly,” said Erik Lars Myers, founder, CEO and head brewer at Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough. “I feel like that’s something a commerce secretary should know.” “We’re going to end up having to pass that on to the consumer,” Myers said.”

March 7, 2018
Contact: Robert Howard, RobertHoward@ncdemocraticparty.org
NCDP Rural NC Listening Tour Stops in Wilson, Pasquotank & Currituck Counties
Priorities Include Early Childhood Education, Access to Capital for Small Business, Blocking Offshore Drilling
Elizabeth City, N.C. – NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin continued his rural listening tour yesterday, with stops in Wilson, Pasquotank, and Currituck counties to hear from rural North Carolinians. The Rural NC Listening Tour is focused on communities that have been left behind by today’s economy and includes honest discussions about the priorities of rural North Carolina and how Democrats can earn their vote this fall.
  • In Wilson County, Chair Goodwin attended a breakfast hosted by the Wilson County Democratic Party where heard from local constituents about the need for investment in early childhood education, especially in eastern North Carolina.
  • In Elizabeth City, Chair Goodwin met with community leaders, elected officials, and local party leaders, and heard from citizens concerned with bringing new jobs to eastern NC, investing in public education, and new policies to support the African American Community.
  • In Perquimans County, Winfall Mayor Fred Yates and the Eastern Civic League hosted a Town Hall where residents expressed frustration with the lack of small business loans and tax breaks for minority business owners. Chair Goodwin recommitted to ensuring that Democrats will fight to support small businesses throughout the state.
  • In Currituck County, Chair Goodwin heard from concerned citizens worried about the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan and the lack of investment in local infrastructure. Chair Goodwin reiterated Governor Cooper’s “Not Off Our Coast” position and challenged current and future NCGA members to push for the state to invest in the Outer Banks.
“Thank you to eastern NC for hosting me for another stop on our Rural NC Listening Tour and for sharing your concerns and priorities, including keeping our coasts pristine and beautiful,” NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin said. “Democrats are committed to listening to rural North Carolinians from Murphy to Manteo and I look forward to many more productive conversations about our shared struggles, hopes, and dreams.”
Read more about this leg of the Rural NC Listening Tour below. The next stop on the Rural NC Listening Tour is planned for late March and will take place in Onslow, Jones, and southern Carteret counties.
Daily Advance: Rallying NC Dems: Party chair cites record organizing
By Jon Hawley
March 7, 2018
The leader of North Carolina’s Democratic Party rallied the troops in Pasquotank County on Tuesday, urging local Democrats to join efforts to break Republicans’ legislative majorities and elect candidates he said are more committed to progress for all state residents.
Wayne Goodwin’s visit to Elizabeth City continued the state Democratic Party chairman’s “rural listening tour” now winding through eastern North Carolina. During his meeting with the Pasquotank Democratic Party at the Golden Corral, Goodwin said Democrats aren’t taking any votes for granted, and statewide organizing for the 2018 midterms is already well underway.
“As state party chair over the last year, we’ve had some record organization going on,” Goodwin said.
He said Democrats last year organized 245 more precincts statewide than they did in 2016, with more precincts still organizing. That organization should Democrats persuade and turn out more voters, adding that it’s never too early to start engaging voters.
“I believe we should treat every day as if it’s election day,” Goodwin said.
Click here to read the full article.

In March We Are Taking A Deeper Look Into Immigration

We wrote this month’s toolkit because we believe immigration is a fundamental part of who America is and how her identity is represented to the rest of the world. We believe immigration is important to talk about because at it’s core is the idea of sanctuary.


We have the power to make a difference on this important issue through the strength of our beliefs and actions. We urge you to keep your hearts and minds – and if you feel moved to do so – your homes – open. Read through our history, learn about our neighbors and be a safe place for each other. Do not succumb to fear and walls. We so desperately need all the sanctuary we can get.

This video documentary follows a couple and their two children fleeing Baghdad to live in Raleigh, from their arrival at RDU International Airport to the help they get from the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants to get settled in their new home. Watch for an excellent insight into the journey of local refugees.

Students Across North Carolina and the Nation Stand Up and Walk Out

See images and read stories about the 17 minute school walkout in cities across the country today.

The Women’s March Youth EMPOWER encouraged students across the country to walk out at 10 a.m. Wednesday for 17 minutes — one minute for each of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Feb. 14. Students at numerous public and private schools in Wake, Durham and Orange counties and Chapel Hill-Carrboro marched out in a show of solidarity.

If you are concerned about the level of vitriol shown on social media against these new student protests, gun safety awareness campaigns, or politics in general, remember that there is still a bot army working to stoke the fires against us. 

A reminder of the upcoming March For Our Lives in Raleigh:

The student led March For Our Lives in Raleigh on March 24 is looking for assistance. Ways you can help:

To donate to the March’s GoFundMe

For sponsors, speakers, and other business related inquiries email: march4rlivesnc@gmail.com

For volunteers, help, and questions email:

Sign up to volunteer:

Interest Group / Organization Sponsor Table Registration for the rally:

Friday, April 20th: student led #NationalSchoolWalkout
and on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/schoolwalkoutUS

Pennsylvania’s Special Election Portends Waves of Blue Sweeping the Nation 

Conor Lamb’s apparent win in the gerrymandered Pennsylvania 18th Congressional House District race on Tuesday is more than just a win for PA Democrats. It continues a winning streak of massive swings in districts that have been solidly red. 

Counting Tuesday’s result, Democratic candidates in federal special elections have now outperformed the normal partisan leans of their state or district by an average of 17 percentage points

Per @DLeonhardt of the NYT, here is a list of GOP House Districts less Republican than PA18:

AL2 AK AZ2 AZ5 AZ6 AR2 CA1 CA4 CA8 CA10 CA21 CA22 CA25 CA39 CA42 CA45 CA48 CA49 CA50 CO3 CO6 FL3 FL6 FL8 FL15 FL15 FL16 FL17 FL18 FL25 FL26 FL27 GA6 GA7 GA12 IL6 IL12 IL13 IL14 IN2 IN4 IN5 IN8 IN9 IA1 IA3 IA4 KS2 KS3 KY6 ME2 MI1 MI6 MI7 MI8 MI11 MN2 MN3 MS3 MO2 MT NV2 NJ2 NJ3 NJ4 NJ7 NJ11 NM2 NY1 NY2 NY11 NY19 NY22 NY23 NY24 NC2 NC5 NC6 NC7 NC8 NC9 NC10 NC11 NC13 OH1 OH2 OH7 OH10 OH12 OH14 OH15 OH16 OK5 PA1 PA5 PA6 PA7 PA9 PA10 PA11 PA13 PA16 PA17 SC1 SC2 SC5 SC8 SD TX2 TX3 TX6 TX7 TX10 TX14 TX21 TX22 TX23 TX24 TX25 TX27 TX31 UT4 VA1 VA2 VA5 VA6 VA7 VA10 WA3 WA5 WA8 WV2 WI1 WI6 WI7 WI8 Source: @benchmarkpol

That includes 9 out of our 13 House seats in NC! That does not mean it’s a done deal. These recent wins are also the result of significant GOTV campaigns and fundraising by Democratic candidates. There will be lots of opportunities to contribute before November!
Bonus Watch: 

The NC GOP has filed a federal complaint of extortion against Gov. Roy Cooper over negotiations with energy companies building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for a mitigation fund. Hear state party leaders Dallas Woodhouse and Wayne Goodwin discuss the issue.

Important Upcoming Events

March is full of interesting events across the area. Check out our event calendar and find something of interest here!

Not Off Our Coast!

Proposed Oil and Gas Leasing Areas and Sale Years

Notice; request for comments.
BOEM is announcing the availability of, and requests comments on, the Draft Proposed Program (DPP) for the 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program (2019-2024 Program or Program). BOEM is also announcing its decision to prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for the 2019-2024 Program (Programmatic EIS) and the initiation of the formal scoping process.

Candidates Speak Out at Big Blue Wave Rally

march calendar

Mark Your Calendars!


Meets at Morehead Parks and Recreation.

Meets at Carteret County Chamber of Commerce, Morehead City meeting at Morehead Parks and Recreation.

Meets at Unitarian Coastal Fellowship, Morehead City. Facebook for more info.

Meets at the Webb Library, Morehead City.Our Revolution Carteret is a formal chapter of the national Our Revolution organization and is composed of progressives who believe the best way to make change is to work within the Democratic Party. All are invited regardless of voter affiliation.

Meet at the Webb Library, Morehead City.This is a monthly meeting of individuals who want to express Democratic opinions in the local and state newspapers.

Meets at Courthouse in Beaufort. Agenda, Minutes, Video.


Gather at No Name Pizza, Morehead City.

Details to follow

Gather at Golden Corral for breakfast and speaker.

In Raleigh. High profile speakers (last year it was Eric Holder). More details to follow.

Gather at No Name Pizza, Morehead City.

Details to follow.

Facilitating Spring Unity Dinner

Saturday, May 5 from 6-9 pm at The Country Club of the Crystal Coast

152 Oakleaf Drive Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512

Speaker: NC Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan

Click on Tickets to purchase your tickets with a credit card or your PayPal account. You will be asked to select your menu options along with purchasing your ticket(s).

Alternately, you may mail a check to:

CCDP, PO Box 708, Morehead City, NC 28557. Check must be received by April 27th. Include names of attendees with their menu choice. Click on Tickets above to see the menu.

Gathers at Mckinnon Center Raleigh. Sanford-Hunt Breakfast  will be that morning also at the McKinnon Center.