Welcome to Carteret County Democratic Party site. We are your neighbors and have the same concerns as you do: a quality education for our young people, affordable healthcare for everyone, jobs with a living wage, and keeping our coast healthy, beautiful, and free from drilling. We work to ensure that all our voices are heard locally as well as at the state and national level. As Democrats, we are traditionally the ‘big tent’ party that welcomes everyone regardless of who you are. All North Carolinians should have a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, how much money they have, or who they love. This is something we believe in and need to continually reaffirm in practice. You can read our platform here.

Our Carolina Promise

Carteret Democrats want to build an NC where everyone can be successful. That’s why we promise to fight for

✅ our schools

✅ our jobs

✅ our health and safety

✅ and our people

North Carolina Democrats from the mountains to the coast are united in strengthening the Tar Heel state. From our schools and our health to our jobs and our people, this is Our Carolina Promise.


Get Ready for the 4th of July Parade Beaufort Style!​

This year’s parade will be on Wednesday, 07/04/2018. The Democrats are signed up to be in the parade with 2 golf carts and 25 – 30 people walking.
Please contact Jane Sewell by email, text or call 440-221-6715 – if you plan to attend, are able to help decorate and indicate that you will walk or must ride. Since we are using golf carts, seating is limited to 8.  There are 2 open seats.

  • Assemble at Front Street near Gordon Street. Our assigned position is #6.
  • Golf carts and decorators arrive at 10 am. Those walking/riding, arrive between 10:30 am and 10:45 am, parade kicks off at 11 am
  • Participants – wear CCDW or Party tees or patriotic red, white and blue. Bring LOTS of candy to throw
  • Permitted signs – Democratic Party, Political Issues and Candidate Endorsement

Help Fund a 2018 Carteret County Democratic Headquarters!!

The Primary is over and we are now on the way to building the blue wave to elect our slate of candidates! We have made a lot of progress in organizing for our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) as part of the wave. Another important part is having a Carteret County Democratic Headquarters where our volunteers can meet, train, and execute the plan.

We would like to open a headquarters in July and keep it open through Election Day, November 6, 2018. While we have received generous donations and raised money from events, we are still short $3500. Please click HERE to donate!

Another critical element to having a headquarters is a HQ Manager whose main job is to schedule our volunteers to work in our headquarters. We have a robust list of volunteers who may be interested in pulling shifts; the HQ Manager would be responsible for scheduling the shifts. Please send an email to CarteretDemocrats@gmail.com to let us know if you are interested or know someone who may be.


Carteret County Democratic Party Update

On Friday, lawmakers rammed through their latest attack on voting rights in North Carolina — Senate Bill 325 — a bill containing dramatic changes to Early Voting in our state. This proposal was immediately vetoed by the governor, who warned that, “Continued election meddling for partisan advantage weakens public confidence.” Like the voter ID bill introduced earlier this month — House Bill 1092 — this Early Voting proposal uses deceiving language to resurrect discriminatory schemes meant to limit voting access.

Lawmakers have warned that they will take up the veto override to Senate Bill 325 on Tuesday, June 19. If the veto is overriden by the N.C. General Assembly this week, these voting changes will take effect immediately — just in time for 2018 elections.

We have three ways you can act right now:

#1 — Learn what Senate Bill 325 means for Early Voting in North Carolina. 

While Senate Bill 325 would keep Early Voting at 17 days, it remains a targeted attack on voters for partisan gain.

  • Senate Bill 325 eliminates the popular, final day of Saturday voting before Election Day, disproportionately used by African-American voters. If approved, Early Voting would take place from Wednesday, October 17, through Friday, November 2.

  • Senate Bill 325 requires all Early Voting sites to be open for 12-hours (7 a.m. – 7 p.m.) on weekdays during the entire 17-day period, which will strain the resources of county election officials and impair their ability to create flexible schedules that work for your community. Implementing this strenuous weekday schedule will force counties to reduce the number of Early Voting sites and popular weekend hours. Fewer sites and less accessible hours will reduce the number of voters who are able to access Early Voting, limiting our voices in this November’s critical election.

  • Senate Bill 325 includes a new “list maintenance” reporting requirement, which could be a prelude to dangerous voter purges as seen (and recently sustained by the U.S. Supreme Court) in Ohio. 

#2 – Can you make it to Raleigh? Let us know you’ll meet voting rights advocates from across the state to oppose these attacks on voting rights at the N.C. General Assembly (16 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27601) on Tuesday, June 19, beginning at 8:30 a.m. Led by the NC NAACP, this event is a way to resist last-ditch actions to suppress our vote in 2018 — including voter ID and Early Voting changes — and make that opposition known to lawmakers at they gavel in at 10 a.m.

#3 – Can’t make it to Raleigh? Email and call your lawmakers now — tell them to stand firm for voters and sustain the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 325’s Early Voting changes (we’ve made it easy).If you’ve already emailed or called your lawmakers, please consider doing so again in support of the governor’s veto, and personalize your messages to make sure our legislators understand how restrictions on voting access, targeted at some, impact us all.

Week-end Wrap – June 16, 2018


Week-end Wrap – June 16, 2018
by Tony Wikrent
Economics Action Group, North Carolina Democratic Party Progressive Caucus

Sen. Sanders writes op-ed: Trump administration isn’t slowing renewables’ momentum
(6/6) [Wind Energy Association]

A renewable energy revolution is sweeping the US and will continue to do so as prices fall even further, despite the Trump administration’s efforts to prop up fossil fuels and gas, writes Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Sanders touts his efforts to bolster renewables in Washington, D.C., including co-sponsoring a bill that would end federal support for fossil fuels and encourage a shift to 100% renewables by 2050.

IEA: Global renewable energy spending is outpacing other sources [Wind Energy Association]

Falling wind costs and other factors propelled global spending on renewables to $297 billion in 2016 — more than double the amount invested in fossil fuels, according to the International Energy Agency. The report added that renewable sources will likely account for 56% of all generating capacity brought online through 2025. 


Solar Has Overtaken Gas and Wind as Biggest Source of New U.S. Power [Bloomberg, via Wind Energy Association]. June 12, 2018

“Despite tariffs that President Trump imposed on imported panels, the U.S. installed more solar energy than any other source of electricity in the first quarter. Developers installed 2.5 gigawatts of solar in the first quarter, up 13 percent from a year earlier….

Billions in U.S. solar projects shelved after Trump panel tariff [Reuters, via Naked Capitalism]. 

“President Donald Trump’s tariff on imported solar panels has led U.S. renewable energy companies to cancel or freeze investments of more than $2.5 billion in large installation projects, along with thousands of jobs, the developers told Reuters. That’s more than double the about $1 billion in new spending plans announced by firms building or expanding U.S. solar panel factories to take advantage of the tax on imports.

On trade, Donald Trump was right. The rest of the G7 were wrong. by George Monbiot, 13 Jun 2018 [The Guardian, via Naked Capitalism]. There were some people who warned before the 2016 election that the Democratic Party’s refusal to actually deal with economic inequality (not just talk about it) would allow Trump to run to the left of Clinton on many issues, especially trade.

In arguing for a sunset clause to the Nafta trade agreement, this odious man is exposing the corruption of liberal democracy…. 

Even if the people of the US, Canada and Mexico had explicitly consented to Nafta in 1994, the idea that a decision made then should bind everyone in North America for all time is repulsive. So is the notion, championed by the Canadian and Mexican governments, that any slightly modified version of the deal agreed now should bind all future governments. 

But the people of North America did not explicitly consent to Nafta. They were never asked to vote on the deal, and its bipartisan support ensured that there was little scope for dissent. The huge grassroots resistance in all three nations was ignored or maligned. The deal was fixed between political and commercial elites, and granted immortality. 

In seeking to update the treaty, governments in the three countries have candidly sought to thwart the will of the people.

The end of net neutrality: The US ruling elite escalates campaign of internet censorship [WorldSocialist Web, 2 June 2018, via Naked Capitalism]

This is not the outcome merely of a change in administrations. It is part of a shift in the class policy of the ruling elite. The 2016 election, with its broad abstention by the working class amid widespread hostility to Hillary Clinton, the favored candidate of Wall Street, and the subsequent strike movement by teachers independently of the unions, has made clear to the ruling elite that the imposition of internet censorship is necessary for the defense of its domination of society.

WaPo and SEC Commissioner Wake Up to Looming Crisis from Stock Buybacks, by Pam Martens and Russ Martens: June 12, 2018 [Wall Street on Parade]. Unfortunately, no one is linking the stick buybacks to Republicans’ tax cuts. We have pointed out that tax cuts do not work to spur investment because if tax rates are high, the only way for a company and its managers to keep profits is to reinvest in the company. When tax rates are too low, there is too much incentive for “profit taking”–which under the MBA-coma of the past half century, usually means asset stripping.

Rep. Keith Ellison introduces bill to curb stock buybacks, by Naomi Jagoda, 06/12/18, The Hill.

How Private Equity Helped Kill Toys ‘R’ Us, by Eileen Appelbaum [The Atlantic, via Naked Capitalism]


Crisis on the High Plains: The Loss of America’s Largest Aquifer – the Ogallala [University of Denver Water Law Review, via Naked Capitalism] “The Ogallala Aquifer supports an astounding one-sixth of the world’s grain produce….”

Beijing’s Building Boom: How the West Surrendered Global Infrastructure Development to China
By Bushra Bataineh, Michael Bennon, and Francis Fukuyama [Foreign Affairs]

Scholars and pundits in the West have become increasingly alarmed that China’s planned Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) could further shift the global strategic landscape in Beijing’s favor, with infrastructure lending as its primary lever for global influence. The planned network of infrastructure project—financed by China’s bilateral lenders, the China Development Bank (CDB) and the Export-Import Bank of China (CEXIM), along with the newly formed and multilateral Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank—is historically unprecedented in scope.

China’s Global Electricity Takeover, by Leonard Hyman and Willian Tilles, Jun 13, 2018 [Wolf Street, via Naked Capitalism]

Musk’s Boring Company wins bid to build high-speed system in Chicago [Reuters, via Naked Capitalism]

The system will be comprised of 16-passenger vehicles that will travel up to 150 miles (240 km) per hour through a tunnel that will cut the current 30 to 45-minute trip between the airport and Chicago’s business district down to 12 minutes….

Americans should be ashamed New York City’s LaGuardia Airport has no rail service whatsover. And, a pertinent historical note: LaGuardia Airport was built during the Depression as a Works Progress Administration project. 

“Is Durham a union town? Labor groups hope so.” [Herald-Sun, via Naked Capitalism].

“Union and labor groups in Durham are calling for a Worker’s Rights Commission, and think they have a city council who supports it. ‘Durham probably has the most progressive city council in North Carolina,” said Aiden Graham, campaign manager for the North Carolina State AFL-CIO. He thinks the city can be a leader in the state and the South. But he also said Durham has a low union density.’”

Poor Peoples Campaign Protests All Over US Ignored by Media June 14, 2018 by Yves Smith [Naked Capitalism] Lots of excellent links. Yves includes this excerpt from the Poor Peoples Campaign website page on “National Morality”:

In the history of this country, moral justifications have been offered for the genocide and forced removal of indigenous people from their lands, slavery, resisting the Brown v. Board of Education school segregation case and opposing the Roe v. Wade abortion case. Today, religious extremists focus on issues like prayer in school, abortion, and gun rights that distort the national moral narrative.
This distorted narrative became integral to the well-funded libertarian movement to redefine “liberty” as freedom from government. In 2016, Franklin Graham invested $10 million of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s money in his 2016 Decision America Tour to each state house in the country. Billed as “nonpartisan” prayer rallies, these gatherings framed the “moral crisis” as a decision between progressive atheist values and God. After the election, Graham called Trump’s victory an answer to prayer.

The Destruction of Latin America’s Left and Lessons for Everyone, by Ian Welsh, June 10, 2018

The norms are breaking down in many nations, including the United States. What is done to win is illegitimate, as with Republican vote manipulation and the 2000 Supreme court decision; what is done afterwards to opponents is also often illegitimate, and if the wrong person wins, they are gone after legally….
This is a very dirty game, and left-wingers keep treating it as if it is not: as if there are rules, and both sides play by them. Increasingly in the US that is not the case, and it is clearly not the case many other places. If your enemies win, they will destroy you by any means. You should think long and hard about what you will do to them if you get into power, because they know what they will do to you.

Today’s daily clips from the NCDP
Click here to view summaries in your browser; click on the links below to view the full articles
Breaking: Republicans unveil last minute bill to limit early voting
Progressive Pulse // Rob Schofield // June 14, 2018

Today@NCCapitol: Are we there yet?
WRAL // @NCCapitol // June 14, 2018

Wednesday Wrap: Landslide will bring it down
WRAL // @NCCapitol // June 13, 2018

Eyeing exit, House lawmakers OK long agenda
WRAL // Lisa Leslie // June 14, 2018

Emails, texts reveal NC superintendent’s internal discussions about teacher rally
WRAL // Kelly Hinchcliffe // June 14, 2018

Are Republicans committed to having diverse charter schools? Then prove it.
N&O // Editorial Board // June 14, 2018

Senators say no to a study of expanding Medicaid in North Carolina
N&O // Colin Campbell // June 14, 2018

Insurance without ACA, other rules passed by Senate
WRAL // Travis Fain // June 13, 2018

NC Senate bill offers cheap health care but the sick and the elderly could be left out
N&O // John Murawski // June 13, 2018

N Carolina lawmakers advance bills as session’s days dwindle
Greensboro N&R // Gary Robertson // AP 

Charlotte Rep. Carney announces breast cancer diagnosis. ‘It is not a death sentence.’
Charlotte Observer // Cassie Cope, Lauren Horsch // June 13, 2018

BREAKING: Federal hog nuisance trial halted
Progressive Pulse // Lisa Sorg // June 13, 2018

Nuisance or necessary? Both sides debate proposed farm bill.
N&O // Chris Seward // June 13, 2018

After court loss, N.C. pork producer turns to legislature for a win
NC Policy Watch // Lisa Sorg // June 8, 2018

House panel puts cap back on ‘milk’ definition
WRAL // Laura Leslie // June 14, 2018

Are student exams ‘developmentally cruel?’ NC lawmakers look at reducing testing.
N&O // T. Keung Hui // June 13, 2018

Legislation on cursive writing reports gets some additions
EdNC // Alex Granados // June 13, 2018

Senate passes multiple K-12 school reforms
WRAL // Travis Fain // June 13, 2018

NC is spending millions on private school vouchers — but has no idea if they work
N&O // Editorial Board // June 12, 2018

It’s landlords vs. tenants in eviction fee battle. Here’s whose side lawmakers are on
N&O // Dan Kane // June 13, 2018

With Their Supermajorities Threatened, General Assembly Republicans Are in a Race Against Time to Ram Through Their Agenda. God Help Us
IndyWeek // Jeffrey C. Billman // June 13, 2018

Lawmakers toss training loans for troopers
WRAL // Laura Leslie // June 13 

Suicide hotline gains, Charlotte schools lose in budget tweaks
WRAL // Matthew Burns // June 13, 2018

Durham/Chapel Hill light rail funding addressed in budget fix
WRAL // Travis Fain // June 13, 2018

Wake, Guilford veterans homes funded in new budget language
WRAL // Travis Fain // June 13, 201


Michele Presnell

Rep. Presnell revisits voter ID issue
Smoky Mountain News // Cory Vaillancourt // June 13, 2018

Beverly Boswell

ACLU // Press Release // June 13, 2018

Was NC lawmaker violating public records law? She turned over emails before a judge could rule.
N&O // Anne Blythe // June 13, 2018


Lawsuit seeks to end NC driver license revocation policy
Plaintiffs say practice violates equal protection

Charlotte Post // Herbert L. White // June 11, 2018

Constitutional Amendments 

Editorial: Constitutional amendments; less better government, more boosting GOP fortunes
WRAL // CBC Editorial // June 14, 2018

NC Republican: I’ve changed my mind on voter ID
Charlotte Observer // Bob Orr // June 13, 2018

What You Need To Know About The Proposed Voter ID Amendment
WUNC // Jeff Tiberii // June 12, 2018

Like your tax rate? Republicans want to make sure it can’t go higher.
N&O // Paul Specht // June 13, 2018


GenX: Chemours Hosts First Town Meeting in St. Pauls
WHQR // Vince Winkel // June 13, 2018

WWAY // AP // June 13, 2018

Senators sign letter demanding release of chemical study
Journal-News // Jess Mancini // June 13, 2018

Chemours hosts town hall, residents still upset over GenX
Spectrum News // Jared Thompson // June 13, 2018

‘Shame, shame, shame’ resident cried at Chemours town hall meeting
Fayetteville Observer // Steve Devane // June 12, 2018

Opioid Crisis

Parents abusing drugs led to more than half of Forsyth’s foster care cases, report says
Winston-Salem Journal // Richard Craver // June 13, 2018

Drug addiction recovery experts develop Triangle’s first ‘recovery high school’
WRAL // Mikaya Thurmond, Hannah Webster // June 13, 2018

NC Infrastructure

Advocates for plan to stop I-77 toll project say progress being made
WSOC // Joe Bruno // June 13, 2018

NC Economic Development  

Kror to close all its stores in the Triangle; 1,500 workers affected
N&O // Zachery Eanes, Cailyn Derickson // June 13, 2018

Rural America 

School’s Closed. Forever.
NY Times // Julie Bosman // June 13, 2018


Outsider Trump loyalist’s primary win worries GOP leaders
N&O // Alan Suderman, Bill Barrow // June 14, 2018

Donald Bryson on NC’s Public Workers 

Overpaid NC public workers are bilking taxpayers of millions
N&O // Ross Marchand, Donald Bryson // June 13, 2018

Federal News 

Jennifer Rubin: Republicans show they don’t trust the voters
Winston-Salem Journal // Jennifer Rubin // June 13, 2018

Fed Raises Interest Rates, Signals 2 More Hikes This Year
WFAE // John Ydstie // June 13, 2018

A Look at How Wisconsin’s U.S. Supreme Court Partisan-Gerrymandering Case is Shaping Up
WUWM // Mayaan Silver // June 12, 2018


June 12, 2018
Contact: Robert Howard, RobertHoward@ncdemocraticparty.org
 NCDP Announces Statewide Judicial Endorsements After Unprecedented Republican Changes to Judicial Elections
Party is proud to endorse Anita Earls for Supreme Court and Judge John Arrowood, Allegra Collins, and Toby Hampson for Court of Appeals
Endorsements come after sweeping General Assembly changes to judicial elections and after a Superior Court candidate switched his party affiliation to Democrat, threatening to split the Democratic vote

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party announced its full slate of statewide judicial endorsements at a press conference at the NCDP headquarters. The endorsements were voted on by the NCDP State Executive Committee following the state convention this past weekend.
“I am honored to announce our party’s endorsement of our statewide nominees for the judiciary,” NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “Each of our endorsed nominees has the intellect, integrity and strong moral compass necessary to rule without fear or favor from the bench.”
At the top of the ticket, North Carolina Democrats endorsed Supreme Court nominee Anita Earls. Anita is one of the nation’s leading civil rights attorneys who has dedicated 30 years to fighting for social and economy equality.
“I am enormously grateful for the endorsement of the North Carolina Democratic Party,” Supreme Court nominee and civil rights attorney Anita Earls said. “I have been talking with voters across the state about our shared commitment to the rule of law and to having a Supreme Court that is fair and impartial.  We will stand up and send a strong message this November that all North Carolinians deserve an independent court where the rules are the same for everyone, not just those with great wealth or power.”
NCDP also endorsed three nominees for the state Court of Appeals. Judge John Arrowood was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to fill a vacancy on the North Carolina Court of Appeals in spring 2017, and previously served on the Court from 2007-2008.
“I’m honored to have the support of Democrats from across the state and promise to continue to administer justice equally, fairly, and without favoritism for as long as I serve,” said Judge John Arrowood.
Campbell Law School Professor Allegra Collins is an appellate attorney and founder of Allegra Collins Law, a law practice focused on appellate litigation in the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. She previously has served as a law clerk on the Court of Appeals.
“It’s an honor to have the party’s support,” said Allegra Collins. “I’m running to be an independent thinker on an independent court where all North Carolinians can get equal justice under the law.”
Toby Hampson a partner at the Raleigh firm of Wyrick, Robbins, Yates & Ponton where he leads the firm’s Appellate Practice group. Previously, he served as law clerk on the North Carolina Court of Appeals under several judges.
“My life’s work has prepared me to serve honestly and with integrity from the bench, and I’m grateful to Democrats from across the state to receive their support,” said Toby Hampson.
NCDP took the unusual move of endorsing statewide judicial candidates after the Republican General Assembly injected partisanship into the judiciary and canceled judicial primaries statewide. NCDP has taken Republican leaders to court to protest the General Assembly’s attacks on our independent judiciary; a ruling is pending.
Among other issues, the changes have opened the door for candidates to change their affiliation right before filing and run as a Democrat to split the Democratic vote. This weekend, a week before filing, Franklin County Attorney Lawrence Tickle announced he switched his party affiliation and is running for a Superior Court judicial position as a Democrat. The move underscores the damage to Democratic candidates and the confusion at the ballot box resulting from the General Assembly’s attacks on our judiciary.
“Republicans have steadily undermined our independent judiciary, even canceling an election that would have allowed the voters – not political party officials – to choose who they prefer on the ballot this November,” NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “Democrats will continue to fight for a free and independent judiciary no matter how brazen Republicans’ attacks on our courts grow.”

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 #NCGA Republicans continue to attack our free and independent judiciary — [COUNTY] Democrats are fighting back. That’s why we have endorsed these candidates who will work to protect our court’s independence.    

[COUNTY] Democrats know our judiciary should be free and independent. That’s why we are proud to endorse these candidates 👇 who will rule from the bench without fear or favor. #ncpol 

[COUNTY] Democrats are proud to endorse [CANDIDATE] for [OFFICE SOUGHT]! We are working to elect people to the bench who will fight for a free and independent judiciary. Join us and commit to vote on Nov. 6th: action.ncdp.org/commit-to-vote



Today’s daily clips from the NCDP
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EDITORIAL: Republicans now own GenX problem
Star News // Editorial Board // June 10, 2018

The StarNews: 1 frustrating year with GenX pollution
Fayetteville Observer // Opinion // June 9, 2018
Survey: Voter ID Amendment Ignores Voters’ Chief Concern
Public News Service // Stephanie Carson // June 11, 2018
Salisbury Post // Post Opinion // June 10, 2018
GOP lawmakers back voter ID amendment
Jon Hawley // Daily Advance // June 10, 2018

Rally planned in Fayetteville to oppose voter ID amendment
Fayetteville Observer // Paul Woolverton // June 10, 2018

Mapping can slide nolonger
Blue Ridge Now // Opinion // June 8, 2018

Suicide in North Carolina is on the rise, but not as fast as the rest of the country
N&O // David Menconi // June 9, 2018

Josh Stein and Shirley Randleman: Help wanted: More law enforcement officers
Winston-Salem Journal // Josh Stein, Shirley Randleman // June 8, 2018

Had a painkiller prescription in the past six years? NC police might soon be able to see it
N&O // Rashaan Ayesh // June 8, 2018

During a stop in NC, Lewandowski tackles the media, Mueller and North Korea
Charlotte Observer // Myah Ward // June 9 9, 2018

We’re voting for judges this year, but are lawmakers done changing the rules for those elections?
N&O // Anne Blythe // June 8, 2018


2.6 magnitude earthquake reported in Wilkes County
Greensboro N&R // Michael Hewlett // June 11


Chemours to hold town hall meeting Tuesday
Fayetteville Observer // Steve
Deveane // June 10, 2018

Voter Disenfranchisement 

Charged with voting illegally, she’s challenging an NC law for its ‘racist origins’
N&O // Lynn Bonner // June 8, 2018

Lawyers: North Carolina law punishing felons who vote is racist
WSOC // Emery Dalesio // June 8, 2018


NC has opportunity to be historic vote for Equal Rights Amendment — but don’t count on it
Greensboro N&R // Richard Craver // June 10, 2018

NC Education 

Power struggle continues as NC superintendent, state board each claim victory in high court ruling
WRAL // Kelly Hinchliffe // June 8, 2018 

Superintendent, state board both claim victory in court case over who runs NC schools
Charlotte Observer // T. Keung Hui // June 8, 2018

Rural NC 

Excessive rain is challenging growers this year
Reflector // Ginger Livingston // June 11, 2018

NC Economic Development  

A first for the Army: Scouting big cities for new command HQ
Greensboro N&R // Jennifer McDermott // June 10, 2018

NC Military/Veterans 

Special Forces soldier from Fort Bragg killed by enemy fire in Somalia
N&O // Camila Molina // June 10, 2018

Federal News  

DAVID LEONHARDT: Trump tries to destroy the west
WRAL // CBC Opinion // June 11, 2018

Analysis: Deep GOP Rift on Immigration Isn’t Easy to Fix
Roll Call // Dean DeChiaro // June 11, 2018

Good afternoon –

 Today, Governor Cooper vetoed the GOP’s backroom budget for having the wrong priorities for North Carolina. With this budget, Republican legislators prioritized corporate tax cuts over teachers and polluters over their constituents, leaving every day North Carolinians stuck with the mistakes of their lawmakers.


Please help us spread our Democratic message using the social media guidance and messaging guidance below. As always, feel free to retweet and repost from NCDP.



@NCDemParty: The NC GOP’s #BackroomBudget shortchanges North Carolinians, putting corporate tax cuts before teachers and Gen-X polluters before clean water. This November, we’re holding them accountable. Join us and commit to vote in 2018: action.ncdp.org/commit-to-vote 



@NCDemParty: The NC GOP’s #BackroomBudget shortchanges North Carolinians, putting corporate tax cuts before teachers and Gen-X polluters before clean water. This November, we’re holding them accountable. Join us and commit to vote in 2018:action.ncdp.org/commit-to-vote



Thank you!

Robert Howard

Good afternoon –

Please see below for our latest messaging guidance, which covers the GOP budget, Governor Cooper’s proposed budget, Our Carolina Promise, GenX, judicial redistricting, and HB414. If you have any questions or if you need further guidance, please email me at: 




I. GOP Budget
II. Gov. Cooper’s Budget
III. Our Carolina Promise
VI. GenX

VII. Judicial Gerrymandering
VII. HB414 & Public School Resegregation

march calendar

Mark Your Calendars!


Meets at Carteret County Chamber of Commerce, Morehead City meeting at Morehead Parks and Recreation.

Meets at Unitarian Coastal Fellowship, Morehead City. Facebook for more info.

When: Mon, July 2, 6pm – 7pm
Where: Webb Library, Carteret County (map)
Description: Our Revolution Carteret is a formal chapter of the national Our Revolution organization and is composed of progressives who believe the best way to make change is to work within the Democratic Party. All are invited regardless of voter affiliation.

Meet at the Webb Library, Morehead City.This is a monthly meeting of individuals who want to express Democratic opinions in the local and state newspapers.

Meets at Courthouse in Beaufort. Agenda, Minutes, Video.

Meets at Morehead Parks and Recreation.

Meets at Carteret County Chamber of Commerce, Morehead City meeting at Morehead Parks and Recreation.

Meets at Unitarian Coastal Fellowship, Morehead City. Facebook for more info.

Meets at Webb Library (piano room), Morehead City. Join us. Cool stuff happening.

Call 252-732-0284 or email Cindy Wear  for information.

Gerald Godette Website


Speaker: Commissioner candidates Katie Tomberlin and Caprice Pratt

Gather at No Name Pizza, Morehead City.

The meeting will start promptly at 6:00 pm  Come at 5:30 pm for a good seat and to order from the menu.


Thu, July 12, 5pm – 7pm
Where: TBD
DescriptionMonthly social goes from 5-7 on the Second Thursday of each month. This month it will be held at Harrika’s Brew Haus, a quaint site with a beautiful outdoor space. If the weather is good, we will gather on the back patio space; otherwise we will meet inside.

2nd Saturday Breakfast Meeting

When:  Sat, July 12, 8:30am – 11:00am
Where: Golden Corral, 4060 Arendell St, Morehead City, NC (map)
What: Dutch treat breakfast social at 8:30, meeting at 9:00, with special guest speaker.

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