Activists’ Toolkit

Activists' Toolkit

Use Resistbot to contact Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, and Walter Jones. Simply text Resist to 50409. Resistbot will take you through a series of prompts to get your information and your message. It will then fax it to Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, and Walter Jones. If the Resistbot humans particularly like your message, they will offer to format it into a letter-to-the-editor and submit it to the local newspaper. No app necessary – just text.

Download the Countable App to track legislation. Congress is rapidly addressing their wishlist and a lot of bills fly under the radar.  Countable provides the pros and cons of any given legislation, gives you the opportunity to vote Yay and Nay and delivers the tally to your representative prior to the vote. It also lets you know how your representative voted. Great way to follow the Congressional comings and goings to fuel those calls, emails, postcards, and faxes to Congress.

Fax, Phone, and/or Write a Letter to your NC democratic party representatives and senators across the state to ensure that our party in the General Assembly understands where you stand on issues and bills that they will be voting on.  Click the link for a list of Democrats in the NC House and Senate. NC Assembly Democrats

Stronger NC is making advocacy and activism easy, to help those fighting for social justice, women’s rights and government responsibility, using action to create change, building upon the momentum of the Woman’s March and release of Indivisible. Ensuring equality for all in North Carolina. Activist Groups