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2013 News Archive

Local Democratic Party holds Christmas Party


The Carteret County Democratic Party held their annual Chhristmas Party at the Train Depot in Morehead City on Dec 7. A good time was had by all. Special guests NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and NC Democratic Party Secretary Melvin Williams were in attendance.


Dinner with Attorney General Roy Cooper held November 16, 2013


NC Attorney General Roy Cooper spoke to local Democrats at the Sanitary restaurant in Morehead City on November 16. He spoke about the extreme faction of the Republican Party that currently controls the Governor's office and the Legislature that has been swiftly taking the state in the wrong direction. He also spoke of the damage they have done to our Education system, tax breaks to the wealthy and other important issues. We will be holding these dinners several times a year so check back often for updates.


NC Democratic Party state director Casey Mann addresses Carteret County Democrats October 12, 2013


NC Democratic Party state director Casey Mann addressed local Democrats and urged local Democrats to start organizing now for next years elections. A large dissatisfaction with current state officials creates good opportunities for state Democrats.


Habitat Playhouse Build Fundraiser, October 4-5


Local Democrats joined Habitat for Humanity in building a playhouse for Habitat for Humanity at their Resale Store on Highway 70 (near the Flea Mall outside of Newport). Michael Murdoch was our project organizer (suggestions for future projects are always welcome) and David Taylor, a skilled carpenter, led the group with the carpentry side of the Habitat project.


Donkey Tales Newsletter Now Available


Suzan Teel and other Carteret Democrats publish a periodic Newsletter each month. The Newsletter is titled Donkey Tales. A contest was held to name the newsletter and Roberta Stringer submitted the winning entry. It contains articles of local Democratic interest, statements from local leaders and other uplifting inspirational news for local Democrats. The first edition was published in September 2013.

For more information or to signup send an email to teel_suzan@yahoo.com. The newsletter is also available on this webite. Submissions for the newsletter should be sent to Suzan by the end of each month.


Downeast Meet and Greet October 12 in Williston


The five Downeast precincts of Atlantic/Cedar Island; Marshallberg/Smyrna; Straits/Otway/Bettie; Harkers Island; and Davis/Williston/Stacy held a "Meet and Greet" on Saturday, October 12th from 12-3 at Renee Hawthorne and Dennis Litalien's home in Willliston. About 35-40 enthusiastic and motivated Democrats participated in the event where lots of FOOD and FUN were served! Joy Lawrence and Charles McDonald, both who are running in 2014 attended and addressed the group. There were small group planning sessions held to talk about how to best show our support for Democratic candidates as well as how to make changes to the State and Federal legislatures. Everyone left with a renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and determination we can make a difference in 2014!


Lindy Robinson Addresses Carteret Democrats September 14, 2013


Lindy Robinson, Director of the Carteret County Board of Elections, spoke about recent changes in election law. One stop voting will be shortened by one week. Straight party voting will no longer be an option. Same day voter registration has been eliminated. Voting a provisional ballot at incorrect polling place has been eliminated on voting day but early voting can be done at any polling place in the county. Sunday voting is eliminated. 16 year old early preregistration has been eliminated. Voter ID to begn in 2016.Valid forms of ID will be unexpired drivers licence, DMV ID, US Passport, military ID, and veterans ID. College IDs will NOT be allowed. Deadline for registration is 25 days before election.

Chairman Rick Heal spoke about the State Executive Committee meeting attended by Rick Heel, Tina Rodriguez and Buck Wilde. Speakers Wayne Goodwin, June Atkinson, Beth Wood and Sam Ervin provided inspirational speeches. Patsy Keever was selected 1st Vice Chair and Matthew Hughes was selected as Chair of the Chairs. The propositions to change how representatives to the convention are chosen were voted down.


Bill Henderson Addresses Carteret Democrats August 10, 2013


Bill Henderson, former Chair and current member of the Carteret County Board of Elections, spoke about coming changes in election law. A number of changes primarily targeted at Democratic voters were recently passed by the state legislature. The law now faces a number of legal challenges.

Chairman Rick Heal also spoke about the upcoming State Executive Committee meeting. Rick also spoke about the Martin Luther King Jr celebrations and about the loss of teachers to other states where teachers were paid appropriately.


A letter from Bob Etheridge: My Worst Nightmare July 24, 2013

Folks, many of you know that during the past several months, I have been traveling around our great state sounding the alarm on the Republican’s education plan. Over the weekend, Governor McCrory negotiated a budget that cuts nearly a half-billion dollars from public education in North Carolina. As the former Superintendent of Public Instruction and Congressman, I am in total shock over what the Republicans are trying to pull. This budget is my worst nightmare.

The Republicans are slashing our public education, and their proposal begins to dismantle our schools. Here are just a few items on how it will effect our education system:

Additionally, the McCrory-negotiated budget does not allow for any pay raises for our teachers. This is absolutely disrespectful to the men and women who teach our children.

For over 60 years, both Democrats and Republicans have recognized the importance of the need for a great education. There are great leaders such as Jim Hunt and Terry Sanford that made our education a national model; now, we are on the front pages of national newspapers in a negative way.

North Carolina has a long history of investing in our public education. Through the years, elected officials have understood the importance of investing in public education--strong schools attract businesses to locate here which means more jobs. The GOP in today’s General Assembly just don’t understand our history.

Governor McCorory’s negotiated budget hurt our teachers, children, and our state. Instead of taking our great state forward, their proposals will take us backwards. This budget slashes education funding while giving tax breaks to the super wealthy. I encourage you to call and tell Governor McCrory to veto this budget. Its bad for our children. Its bad for North Carolina.

This proposed budget puts our public schools, teachers, and children in jeopardy and thwarts economic recovery and job growth. Please call the Governor at (919) 814-2000 right now and tell him to veto the budget.


Honorable Bob Etheridge


Bob Etheridge addresses Carteret Democrats - July 13, 2013


Bob Etheridge talked to local Democrats about his concerns regarding the political situation in North Carolina today. Bob recently helped form and leads a group called the Old North State Caucus, a group of former Democratic officials that have quietly put together a group to try to counter what they see as harmful policies of Republican control in Raleigh. Bob talked about how the current GOP lead group in Raleigh is in the process of rolling back all the great progress that has been made in the state in the last 100 years. As a result North Carolina has moved from 4th best state to locate a business to 12th place and is now ranked 48th in education funding. Bob spoke further on the cuts being made to education in the state. As former NC Superintendant of Public Instruction and US Representative, Bob has been very active in promoting education and is frustrated by the GOP approach to education, the environment, civil rights, human rights and voting rights.


Free Summer Kickoff Rally and Cruise Raffle Drawing big success!


On June 8th, we held our Summer Kickoff Rally and the cruise raffle drawing at the Train Depot in Morehead City. Hamburgers, hot dogs, beans and deserts were served and fun was had by all. The crowd was motivated with speeches by NC Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley, Jeanne Milliken Bonds of Plain Talk Politics and others. Entertainment was provided by Sabra Mason strumming her acoustic guitar. The Democratic Women brought some amazing desserts. Congratulations to the winner of the cruise drawing, Suzan Teel of Beaufort.






County Chair Rick Heal talks to Carteret News-Times


Rick Heal spoke with News-Times reporter Ben Hogwood. See article on page A14 of the May 19 edition.


Representative George Graham speaks to Carteret Democrats


On May 18 at the Golden Corral in Morehead City, Representative George Graham spoke to area Democrats giving an update on his experiences working in the legislature in Raleigh.

Mr Graham talked about the challenge of governing when the opposing party has so much control. Mr. Graham also spoke about his concerns regarding legislation being pushed by the GOP in areas such as health, education, unemployment and voting rights.


Carteret County Democratic Party holds Annual Convention


On April 13, 2013 the Carteret County Democratic Party met at Carteret County Courthouse Superior Courtroom for their Annual Convention. Rick Heal was elected the new Chariman of the Carteret County Democratic Party. Amy Holland was elected 1st Vice Chair, Suzan Teel was elected 2nd Vice Chair, Charles McDonald was elected 3rd Vice Chair, Susan Cuthrell was elected Treasurer and Betty Kinnier was elected Secretary. A number of resolutions were passed on subjects ranging from voting rights issues with voter ID laws and support for the Equal Rights Amendment. Delegates to the District Convention on May 11 were elected. Influential local Democrats who passed during the last year were also honored.



From the Carteret County Democratic Party ~ Spring is here ~ Thank you

Fellow Democrats,

As the close of the 2011-2013 election cycle is quickly approaching, we take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in supporting the Carteret County Democratic Party, particularly this last presidential election, and more recently at all of the precinct meetings. Without the volunteers at the grassroots precinct level, we would not exist as a Party. Kudos to all you for your hard work and dedication to the Democratic Party!!

Spring is here and next month we will elect a new Board at our annual convention. Once the new Board meets and presents its long term strategic plan, new and exciting committees will be formed and we hope to see all of you sign up to participate as we move forth into the 2013-2015 election cycle. We ask all of the OFA volunteers to continue participating in County Party activities. We all know our President has asked us to continue working and building a stronger party as we move forward in continuing to lay the ground work for upcoming elections.

The County Convention will be held on April 13 at the Carteret County Courthouse, Superior Courtroom. Please come early. Registration for Delegates and other guests begins at 9 AM and all Delegates must be registered before the Convention convenes at 10 AM. All Democrats are welcome but only properly registered Delegates may cast votes.

The next meeting will be May 18 at the Golden Corral in Morehead City. Representative George Graham will be the guest speaker on the subject of Voter ID - The Facts. Meeting starts at 9 AM, come early for breakfast.

On June 8th, we will hold the cruise raffle drawing with details to be worked out by the new incoming Board, but we hope to make it a real event. WE NEED YOUR HELP IN SELLING THE TICKETS! Contact Susie Cuthrell, County Treasurer, at 504-2256 or 241-1648 to make arrangements to pick up your tickets today! We want to sell ALL of our remaining tickets to receive the full fundraising benefit.

A special interest to all of us is the Voter ID law as we wait for the US Supreme Court ruling on the Alabama case. While it is a waiting game we are trying to make preliminary plans “just in case” we will be required to furnish photo ID when voting.

If needed, we have been instructed by the State Party Headquarters to wait for direction and instruction from them before proceeding with any action. We have however made some preliminary “just in case” plans. We have two people from Morehead City who have expressed a special interest who will serve as Co-Chairs of the committee whose purpose will be to work at the direction of the County Board to educate voters about the new Voter ID law and to aid voters who need assistance with obtaining a photo ID before the next election. They will work closely with the incoming Board and State Party officials to combat the GOP’s effort to disenfranchise voters. We expect the strong NC African-American Caucus, an auxiliary of the State Party, to play a leading role in this program.

Many many people have worked for the Carteret County Democratic Party over the last year. We have had people raising money, manning headquarters, electioneering, phone banking, computer data entry, going door to door and into crowds for voter registration (brave souls all), and of course, precinct organization. We had old hands, new hands, OFA volunteers, and people residing inside the county, outside the county, and outside the country, working hard for the Democrats in a predominately red county. We are very proud of each and every one of you!

Again, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the Carteret County Democratic Party!

God bless America and its democracy. Carteret County Democratic Party ~ March 22, 2013


Democrats Community Day of Action - Radio Island April 6

dayofaction1 radioisland

Come out and join fellow Democrats as we do our part to improve our communities.


NC Democratic Party Chair Randy Voller addresses Carteret Democrats ~ March 9, 2013


The Carteret County Democratic Party normally meets the second Saturday of every month at 8:00am at the Golden Corral in Morehead City. See the Events Calendar for more information.