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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Veterans Day Parade!

It was an outstanding success and a great representation of Carteret County Democrats. We demonstrated our honor and respect for all veterans. We are very proud to be a part of this patriotic group and could not have done it without each of you.

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October 31, 2016 Clinton Kaine Rally in Jacksonville!


Volunteers getting out the vote!



Carteret Democrats Annual Donkey Dinner, October 29

The Donkey Dinner was a great success! Judge Rickye McCoy-Mitchell gave an inspiring speech and the food and company were great! Thank you all for coming!

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Good News about Democrats, Oct 5, 2016

October 22, 2016

2nd Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, and the Honorable Anne Holton, future 2nd Lady of the United States visit Jacksonville, NC

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Chili, Chat & Chew, Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday's gathering with local candidate for NC House, Rodney Alexander and candidate for County Commissioer, Roger Eaton Dorothea E. White, candidate for NC Senate could not be there, but Tina Willis Rodriguez and others spoke on her behalf. ~Photo Credit: Roy Howell

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Successful Voter registration!

Our volunteers are putting in a great effort to get voters registered!



Newport precinct gathering, Saturday September 24, 2016


Downeast precinct gathering, Saturday September 17, 2016

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County Commissioner's Debate, September 15, 2016

We had a great show of support for our Carteret County Commissioner candidate Roger Eaton at the debate on Thursday!

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It's time to get to work to turn Carteret County Blue!

Please call 919-627-5257 or email grosche@ncvictory2016.org to reach our coordinated campaign organizer Gary Rosche to schedule a shift to register voters or make phone calls today!


Precinct Gathering, Morehead City 1, 2, 3, 4, and Wildwood, August 27, 2016

Fantastic precinct gathering at the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Center!

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Meet your Local Candidates!

August 25, 6-7pm, Town hall meeting with Roger Eaton, County Commissioner candidate, at South River Fire Hall

September 17, 4pm, Downeast precinct gathering; meet your local candidates at the Gloucester Community Center

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Linda Coleman Reception

Please join us at a reception honoring Linda Coleman, Democratic candidate for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, on August 20, 2016 at 4:00 - 6:00 pm, at the home of Cecilia and Richard Eubanks Jr. 400 Meeting St., Beaufort, North Carolina Click here to see full Invitation


Volunteers needed to staff our headquarters at 704 Arendell Street, Morehead City! SIGN UP HERE!


Grand Opening of Carteret Democrats Headquarters at 704 Arendell Street, Morehead City, August 17, 2016

Thanks again to everyone who came out to our grand opening and ribbon cutting, and a special thank you to our candidates, Roger Eaton for County Commissioner, Rodney Alexander for NC House, Dorothea White for NC Senate, and Linda Coleman for Lt. Governor.



Voter registration event Friday August 12 and Saturday August 13 during Beaufort Pirate Invasion!

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A Phenomenal Weekend of Action! This past weekend, August 7 and 8, we focused on voter registration. The sheer numbers of voters registered and volunteer shifts scheduled was just remarkable and unprecedented. We had a an amazingly high number of people sign up and of the 17 (!!!) volunteers that signed up for our event at Ft. Macon, 100% showed up.

We Beat VA! During our Weekend of Action, we challenged Virginia to see who could collect the most voter registration forms and who could schedule the most volunteer shifts. We #BeatVA on both metrics.

Thanks to all of the organizers who planned voter registration events, to volunteers who completed shifts, to the candidates and elected officials who served as surrogates, and to all of YOU who tweeted this weekend!



Field Organizers from the NC Democratic Party, here with Senate Candidate Deborah Ross, are working in every county and every corner of the state to Turn NC blue!


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Carteret County watch party at the Blair Farm Clubhouse witnessing a historic moment: Hillary Rodham Clinton accepting the Democratic nomination!


Meet and Greet with Deborah Ross

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Sunday July 10th, Meet and Greet with Deborah Ross at the Blair Farm Clubhouse, hosted by Mollie Wildes. Deborah Ross is running for US Senate.


National Democratic rally in Charlotte

Local Democrats attend historic Clinton and Obama rally in Charlotte, NC.
Tina Willis Rodriguez and Suzan Magaña Teel can be spotted in the videos below on the top left!

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Beaufort Independence Day Parade

Bfort_parade1.jpg Bfort_parade2.jpg Bfort_parade3.jpg Bfort_parade8.jpg Bfort_parade5.jpg Bfort_parade7.jpg

The Carteret County Democratic Party was well represented in the annual Beaufort 4th of July parade with over 30 people coming out in the heat to show that we are serious about electing Democrats in 2016! Roger Eaton, candidate for County Commissioner, featured prominently. We put the county on notice that we are on the march to office!


Good News About Democrats

From Melvin Williams, Secretary, NCDP Find out more GOOD NEWS ABOUT DEMOCRATS by clicking this link


Roger Eaton release radio Ad - to listen click HERE


Wine and Beer Event Raises money for Headquarters

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On Saturday, June 11 a Wine and Craft Beer Tasting Event was held at Morehead City Train Station including a silent auction. The event was a success with a good turnout. Local candidates Rodney Alexander and Roger Eaton were in attendance and motivated the crowd.



Carteret Democrats hold Annual Convention April 16, 2016



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Carteret County Democrats met Saturday at the County courthouse to conduct their annual convention. Rodney Alexander and Roger Eaton addressed the delegates. Highest turnout Precinct meetings were awarded. Delegates to the district and state conventon were selected.


State Democratic Candidates selected im Primaries March 22, 2016.

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Support your state candidates: Roy Cooper for Governor, Linda Coleman for Lieutenant Governor, Josh Stein for Attorney General, June Atkinson for Superintendant for Public Instruction and Dan Blue III for Treasurer.


Carteret Democrats select new Executive Committee January 21, 2016


Your County Executive Committee took care of important business Saturday and elected new officers to fill vacant seats. Pictured above from left to right, Cory Noe - 3rd Vice Chair, Jimmy Bond - Treasurer, Renee Hawthorne - 1st Vice Chair, Tina Rodriguez - Chair, Sharon Harker - 2nd Vice Chair, and Jenny Willis - Secretary.


Democratic Candidates File for Election December 21, 2015

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Roger Eaton, Candidate for County Commission, District 3 and Rodney Alexander, Candidate for NC House District 13, register with the Board of Elections.


Penny Hooper addresses local Democrats, November 14, 2015


Penny Hooper, local environmentalist extraordinaire, was our featured speaker at this morning's breakfast meeting. More than 40 attendees engaged in the discussion about the IPCC Climate Change talks in Paris in December and how "The Road to Paris begins at our doorstep." Penny stressed that "We can make our planet uninhabitable or we can save our planet. Each person can do something little".


Deborah Ross is running for US Senate

Deborah Ross is running for the U.S. Senate because she understands that North Carolinians want an elected leader that puts people first. For more information visit her website ..


NC Senator Josh Stein, candidate for NC Attorney General, inspired over 80 Democrats at our Donkey Dinner, October 24, 2015


NC Senator Josh Stein, candidate for NC Attorney General, inspired over 80 Democrats at our Donkey Dinner, saying "The people of NC deserve better" and "I'm running to protect citizens of NC. " He pointed out that "change is made" and that we need to "reach out and seize the opportunity to move NC forward".



Robert Wilson candidate for Lt. Governor addresses Carteret Democrats, October 10, 2015


Robert Wilson, candidate for Lt. Governor, spoke to attendees at our breakfast meeting about his vision for improving education in our state which will further a pro growth agenda.


Volunteers Needed to Turn Carteret Blue!!

Eight committees have been formed in accordance with our approved Strategic Plan. One is sure to fit your interests/skills, so please consider volunteering! To sign up and/or get more information visit our Volunteer Page


AKilah Ensley addresses Carteret Democrats, August 8, 2015


AKilah Ensley spoke to an enthusiastic group of 30 Democrats at our Saturday breakfast meeting this morning. We had a lively discussion and got some great ideas about how to "Turn Carteret Blue" and take back our State government.


Carteret Democrats approve strategic Plan, July 30, 2015


2nd Vice Chair Sharon Harker presented an overview of our new Strategic Plan to "Turn Carteret Blue" to an enthusiastic Executive Committee tonight. The Plan was approved unanimously!


Democrat Amy Holland appointed to Board of Elections, July 21.2015


Amy Holland takes the oath of office as a new member of the Carteret County Board of Elections. Nancy Veitch, CCDW 3VP held the bible for the swearing in ceremony. Others in attendance were Susie Cuthrell, CCDW 1st VP, and Jimmy Bond, CCDP 3VC.


Jennifer Faulkner of the NC Board of Elections addresses local Democrats, July 11, 2015


Over 40 people attended our Saturday breakfast meeting July 11 to hear Jennifer Faulkner, Voter Outreach Specialist from the NC Board of Elections, address NC election law changes including the latest Voter ID requirements. Stay tuned for the outcome of the federal court case which starts today in Winston-Salem regarding the most repressive election laws in the country which have been imposed on us by Republicans in our state legislature and Governor McCrory.


NC Democratic Party Chair Patsy Keever speaks at local Garden Reception, May 28, 2015


We had a great turnout at the Garden Reception for NCDP Chair Patsy Keever. It was a beautiful evening and much thanks is given to Mary Katherine Lawrence, Donna Getty and Caulean Vesey for hosting this event. Kudos to all of the volunteers including Tim Buck, Steve Glasgow, Lela Faye Rich, Dennis Litalien, Susan Whitledge and her grandsons, Joe and Nate, and their friend that helped with Tim and Steve with parking cars. Hopefully, we did not overook anyone...thanks to EVERYONE that made this event a success!


3rd District Convention held at Newport Middle School, Newport. May 16, 2015


The 3rd District Convention was held at Newport Middle School on May 16. Officers attending included Chair Betsy Leech, 1st Vice Chair, Carolyn Bryan, Secretary Rachel Parnell, Minority Affairs Director, Monica Gibbs, 3rd Vice Chair Dusty Speedy and Treasurer Cole Phelps. NC Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwingave the keynote address.


Andrew Barnhill addresses Carteret Democrats May 9 2015


Andrew Barnhill, the Young Democrat who serves as a committee person to the DNC and is also running to be elected to the State Senate for the 9th District spoke to local Democrats. He is both an attorney and pastor. He spoke of the growing interest of Young Democrats in the Party; there are seven new Young Democrat chapters in NC. Young Democrats were instrumental in getting Dems elected this past cycle. They are well organized and reaching out. He emphasized that we Democrats need to tell our story more often in order to show we are the Party that cares about people and would work towards that end.


Carteret County Democrats hold convention

Carteret County Democrats met at the county court house on April 11 for their annual convention. Congratulations to the new officers of the Carteret County Democratic Party: Tina Rodriguez-Chair, Renee Hawthorne – 1st Vice Chair, Sharon Harker- 2nd Vice Chair, Jimmy Bond – 3rd Vice Chair, Holly Powell- Secretary, Theresa Glasgow- Treasure.r