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Carteret County Democratic Party holds Annual Convention


On April 13, 2013 the Carteret County Democratic Party met at Carteret County Courthouse Superior Courtroom for their Annual Convention. Rick Heal was elected the new Chariman of the Carteret County Democratic Party. Amy Holland was elected 1st Vice Chair, Suzan Teel was elected 2nd Vice Chair, Charles McDonald was elected 3rd Vice Chair, Susan Cuthrell was elected Treasurer and Betty Kinnier was elected Secretary. A number of resolutions were passed on subjects ranging from voting rights issues with voter ID laws and support for the Equal Rights Amendment. Delegates to the District Convention on May 11 were elected. Influential local Democrats who passed during the last year were also honored.



From the Carteret County Democratic Party ~ Spring is here ~ Thank you

Fellow Democrats,

As the close of the 2011-2013 election cycle is quickly approaching, we take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in supporting the Carteret County Democratic Party, particularly this last presidential election, and more recently at all of the precinct meetings. Without the volunteers at the grassroots precinct level, we would not exist as a Party. Kudos to all you for your hard work and dedication to the Democratic Party!!

Spring is here and next month we will elect a new Board at our annual convention. Once the new Board meets and presents its long term strategic plan, new and exciting committees will be formed and we hope to see all of you sign up to participate as we move forth into the 2013-2015 election cycle. We ask all of the OFA volunteers to continue participating in County Party activities. We all know our President has asked us to continue working and building a stronger party as we move forward in continuing to lay the ground work for upcoming elections.

The County Convention will be held on April 13 at the Carteret County Courthouse, Superior Courtroom. Please come early. Registration for Delegates and other guests begins at 9 AM and all Delegates must be registered before the Convention convenes at 10 AM. All Democrats are welcome but only properly registered Delegates may cast votes.

The next meeting will be May 11 at the Golden Corral in Morehead City. North Carolina Young Democrats President, Sam Spencer, will be our guest speaker. We hope to pack the house with ‘YOUNG’ Democrats…bring your children and grandchildren for the 9 AM meeting, come early for breakfast.

On June 8th, we will hold the cruise raffle drawing with details to be worked out by the new incoming Board, but we hope to make it a real event. WE NEED YOUR HELP IN SELLING THE TICKETS! Contact Susie Cuthrell, County Treasurer, at 504-2256 or 241-1648 to make arrangements to pick up your tickets today! We want to sell ALL of our remaining tickets to receive the full fundraising benefit.

A special interest to all of us is the Voter ID law as we wait for the US Supreme Court ruling on the Alabama case. While it is a waiting game we are trying to make preliminary plans “just in case” we will be required to furnish photo ID when voting.

If needed, we have been instructed by the State Party Headquarters to wait for direction and instruction from them before proceeding with any action. We have however made some preliminary “just in case” plans. We have two people from Morehead City who have expressed a special interest who will serve as Co-Chairs of the committee whose purpose will be to work at the direction of the County Board to educate voters about the new Voter ID law and to aid voters who need assistance with obtaining a photo ID before the next election. They will work closely with the incoming Board and State Party officials to combat the GOP’s effort to disenfranchise voters. We expect the strong NC African-American Caucus, an auxiliary of the State Party, to play a leading role in this program.

Many many people have worked for the Carteret County Democratic Party over the last year. We have had people raising money, manning headquarters, electioneering, phone banking, computer data entry, going door to door and into crowds for voter registration (brave souls all), and of course, precinct organization. We had old hands, new hands, OFA volunteers, and people residing inside the county, outside the county, and outside the country, working hard for the Democrats in a predominately red county. We are very proud of each and every one of you! >/p>

Again, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the Carteret County Democratic Party!

God bless America and its democracy. Carteret County Democratic Party ~ March 22, 2013


Democrats Community Day of Action - Radio Island April 6 at 8:30am


Come out and join fellow Democrats as we do our part to improve our communities.


NC Democratic Party Chair Randy Voller addresses Carteret Democrats ~ March 9, 2013


The Carteret County Democratic Party normally meets the second Saturday of every month at 8:00am at the Golden Corral in Morehead City. See the Events Calendar for more information.


Carteret County Democratic Women


Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at Ruby Tuesday's in Morehead City. No meetings in July, November or December.


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