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Reverend Sally White LWV Carteret Woman of the Year

Reverand Sally White

The Carteret County Democratic Women nominated Sally White, pastor of Unitarian Coastal Fellowship for the League of Women 2017 Carteret County Woman of the Year.

Sally moved to Morehead City 14 years ago to become the first full-time minister of the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship. She is from Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from college in 1972 with a degree in biology. She was ordained in 2003 and moved to Morehead City to lead her first church in 2004. 

The overarching vision that Reverend Sally White has as a church leader, as well as a community leader, is that we need to create space for a variety of voices to be heard, and to keep the conversation open to moral, social and ethical issues. A favorite quote of hers from EB White is, “If there were only half a dozen [dissenters] in America, their well-being would be a test of our democracy… The concern of a democracy is that no honest [person] should feel uncomfortable.” Sally a vibrant member of the Carteret County community, exemplifying faith in action:

Sally now conducts many marriages for all couples who wish to express their commitment of love for each other. More recently, her church released a Statement of Conscience on North Carolina House Bill 2, stating that it was discriminatory toward the LGBT community.  Starting in March of this year, Sally has offered an evening service twice a month called “Sustaining Our Souls”.  This service is open to anyone in the community who feels a need for healing and renewal; a chance to speak, to share or to listen to others who are feeling stressed in these turbulent times.

Under her leadership, her small congregation is a force for good in the community, working together to help others, volunteering at Family Promise Program for homeless families, providing gift bags for adults with serious mental illness, organizing a center for environmental, racial and interfaith advocacy.