Headquarters is now open weekdays 11am - 3pm

Happy Hour Friday August 20


Join our Welcome Wagon program!

CCDP has initiated a Welcome Wagon program. We are distributing community, non partisan information, attraction, community service brochures, and more, to new home owners in our County. We need you to help distribute them. HQ is the place to pick up or help stuff bags. Please call or email us first to make sure we have a list ready for you.

carteretdemocrats@gmail.com – 252.654.2792

Let’s Write some Letters and Make a difference!

Democrats all over the country are shaking things up with phone calls and letters supporting the “For the People Act” in Congress and chastising corporate sponsors of governors and senators engaged in legislation to suppress the vote.

Let’s join them! Come to our zoom session. Sue Schurer will walk you through our new hub on slack.com and show you how easy this is.

We will meet monthly on the Second Monday of each month at 10:00 and/or again at 7:00 to accommodate working and retired members. (Yes, Sue will be at two meetings on one day. One will suffice for you.) Then we can chat, vent, and plan.

Join Zoom Meeting Click here

Zoom Meeting ID: 840 7800 9063

Passcode: 352434

Dockside Chats will resume in the Fall

Our Dockside Chats are an opportunity for the community to speak with people in the know on issues of importance. Listen, speak, ask! All are welcome.
These are Zoom meetings see below for registration info

Dates and Topics:

Stay Tuned – more topics coming soon!

Past Topics:

June 15: The Quality of our DRINKING Water (Recorded).

Feb 16: Covid-19 and the vaccine (Recorded)

March 30: Keeping Great Teachers and Staff (Recorded).

April 20: Update on School Bond Spending (Recorded)

May 18:  The Quality of our COASTAL Water (Recorded)


Sponsored by the Carteret County Democratic Party

All Chats are Free to the Public

Registration Required: https://cddocksidechats.eventbrite.com

Zoom link: click here  Or: 898 8953 4658

pw: 39 16 48

Need health insurance?
Enrollment is open NOW through August 15

Meetings & Events - Come Join Us!

We, the Carteret County Democratic Party, stand in solidarity with our black and brown brothers and sisters. We are angry and we are upset.  We mourn with you and we stand beside you in protest.  We will say their names out loud.  We will fight for racial equality and equity.  We call for an end to the systemic racism in our justice system, education system and beyond.  We hear your cries and we feel your pain. We vow to hold our police and elected officials accountable when necessary. Black lives matter.

In solidarity, Katie Tomberlin, Carteret County Democratic Party Chair

Welcoming Volunteers!

Let us know your interests and our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you.

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