Our Carolina Promise

Welcome to Carteret County Democratic Party site. We are your neighbors and have the same concerns as you do: a quality education for our young people, affordable healthcare for everyone, jobs with a living wage, and keeping our coast healthy, beautiful, and free from drilling. We work to ensure that all our voices are heard locally as well as at the state and national level. As Democrats, we are traditionally the ‘big tent’ party that welcomes everyone regardless of who you are. All North Carolinians should have a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, how much money they have, or who they love. This is something we believe in and need to continually reaffirm in practice. You can download our Strategic Plan here.

Calling all Volunteers Volunteer Wannabes! 

You are invited to The Volunteers Brunch (yum) 

Saturday, June 1, 10 am to 12 pm,

401 Sailview Ct, Beaufort

(Eastman Creek Clubhouse, Beaufort off of 101)

Please let us know you are coming. 


 Click Here to Add Your Name 


This is Us

Buy your One-in-Two-Hundred chance to win $5000 here

The Dems are serious about fundraising to support our local, state, and federal candidates and establishing a headquarters to grow our presence in Carteret! $100 buys you and a guest entrance to an awesome party at the Backstreet Pub and enters you in a reverse drawing to win $5000.  The odds are fabulous. 

Please include your phone and email so we can send you your tickets.

Join us as a volunteer (on your own terms). We are a fun group. Click here to let us know your interests so we can get to know you better (even if you are already a volunteer it will help us ensure you are doing what you want to do).  Also, check out our new standing committees. Standing committees are self directed and report to the Executive Board. It is a chance to be creative and exercise your talents.

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       What the Dems are Reading ...

  1. The New Breed, Second Edition: Understanding the 21st Century Volunteer by Jonathan McKee
  2. The all new Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate by George Lakoff
  3. The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Like a Democrat by George Lakoff
  4. Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America by Alissa Quart
  5. Your Brain’s Politics: How the Science of Mind Explains the Political Divide by George Lakoff
  6. Volunteer Engagement 2.0 Ideas and insights changing the world edited by Robert J. Rosenthal

NC Policy Watch news changes daily so check out on a regular basis. Watch the dates to see the release date of the information. It is a great source for keeping tabs on the GA and the shenanigans of NC politics.  NCDP Takeaways summarize the week’s news and are disseminated on Fridays . Message Guidance and NCDP Takeaways typically change weekly. Other  guidance and ‘immediate releases’ come from NCDP as events occur. 



more info


more info

Mark Your Calendars!

march calendar

CCDP Breakfast meeting at the Golden Corral. 

4060 Arendell St, Morehead City

Speaker: Allen Thomas

NAACP Meeting

When: Tue, July 16, 6pm – 7pm
Where: Morehead Parks and Recreation Center (map)
Description; NAACP Branch meeting goes the third Tuesday of each month.

Monthly Officer’s Meeting

When: Sat, July 20, 9 am
Where: Chamber of Commerce, Morehead City

Democratic Women LTE Meets

When: Thu, August 1, 5pm – 6pm
Where: Webb Library Morehead City (map)
Description: This is a monthly meeting of individuals who want to express Democratic opinions in the local and state newspapers.

CCDP Breakfast meeting at the Golden Corral. 

4060 Arendell St, Morehead City

Speaker: Trevor Fuller


Carteret County Democratic Women Meeting

When: Tue, August 27, 2019, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: Sanitary Restaurant, Morehead City
Description; Each month there is a special guest speaker. Dutch treat social at 5:30pm, meeting begins at 6pm.

CCDP Breakfast meeting at the Golden Corral. 

4060 Arendell St, Morehead City

Speaker: Terry Van Duyn

CCDP Breakfast meeting at the Golden Corral. 

4060 Arendell St, Morehead City


James Barrett (Education)

Jenna Wadsworth (Agriculture)

Jessica Holmes (Labor0

CCDP Breakfast meeting at the Golden Corral. 

4060 Arendell St, Morehead City

Speaker Nida Allam, NCDP 3rd Vice Chair


Candidates’ Forum

Thursday, 15 August, 6pm-8:30 pm

Women’s Equality Day

Thursday, August 22nd, 11:45am, Trinity Center, 618 Salter Path Rd, Pine Knoll Shores.  Speaker, Dr. Lin Logan.  “History of the ERA.”

Carteret County Democratic Party Bulletin Board  

Click Here to See Pictures from Past Events

Women’s Equality Day Luncheon 

Thursday, August 22nd 11:45 am 
Location- Trinity Center

618 Salter Path Rd, Pine Knoll Shores 

Speaker– Dr. Lin Logan

Topic-“History of the ERA”

Come and join us- Bring a friend

Please RSVP to jreneehawthorne@earthlink.net by August 12th 

Please also indicate if you are vegetarian or have other food restrictions

To cast your vote- please go to: www.lwvcarteretcounty.org and click on the “Click here to vote for 2019 Woman of the Year” link. Deadline for voting is Friday, August 16th at 5 pm. 


A BIG THANK YOU to all for participating and supporting the Democratic Party!!

A very special thanks to Colleen Thomas and her husband for supplying and driving the truck.

YOU ALL HELPED make the parade a huge success.  We demonstrated once again that Democrats are alive and powerful in Carteret County and will continue to TURN CARTERET BLUE!!!

Thanks again and we want to wish everyone a very HAPPY SUMMER!!

Message from Jane and Chuck Sewell

Civil Rights

Environment Call To Action

Special Election Democratic Candidate - 3rd District

Political Skills Webinars

C2C – County to County, a project of the Orange County Democratic Party, will host a series of political skills webinars, focusing on skills and activities for 2019. Advance registration is necessary. All online webinars are free. You must register with your name, party affiliation, county of residence, and role in the county party or candidacy. Three days before the scheduled webinar, look for an e-mail with link to the online webinar & instructions on how to connect. Smart Phone, laptop, or tablet are needed.

Register here


Climate Change

Have an event, a meeting, or news to share? Find an error or have a suggestion for the website? Click here to email the webmaster.


Democratic Friends,

The Carteret County Democratic Party needs a home. We have found a great place, centrally located at 700 Arendell street, next to Waterkeepers. This is a wonderful storefront location that will provide us with enough room for meetings, small events and work space. To claim this space for our Party, we need 60 of our stalwart Democratic Friends to become CCDP Partners by committing to a monthly donation. The good news is you can sign up for monthly donations and they will occur automatically.


We have a July 15 deadline so please don’t delay, click the donate button now. We are counting on you!



Thank you to our amazing Volunteers and Democratic Friends!