Book Club

The Brown Bag Book Club—Bring your Lunch!

Second Thursday of each Month, noon to 1:00 at the Headquarters

Dates:  March 12; April 9; May 14, June 11, no meeting in July or August; September 10; October 8; November 12; no meeting in December


Our Next Books will be:

March 12rd SAVING CAPITALISM For the Many, Not the Few. Robert B. Reich. Alfred A. Knopf, 2015. 279 pp. To understand “Saving Capitalism,” Robert Reich’s sweeping treatise on inequality in America, you must accept a central premise: The free market is fundamentally a human construct and so to debate the appropriateness of government in shaping it is beside the point. Someone is always writing the rules of the market. Reich’s concern is that over the last three decades, the lead authors have been Wall Street, big corporations and the wealthy elite. His fear is that “we are lurching toward a capitalism so top-heavy it cannot be sustained.” Note: you may also watch the documentary of the same title on Netflix!! 

April 9th  Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump. By Rick Reilly Hachette, 2019. 256 pages. Review by Susan Macura (LibraryThing):

The author poses a hypothesis that to truly understand Donald Trump one need only look at his history with his favorite pastime – golf. There are numerous funny stories of how Trump cheats and lies when playing, as well as influencing others to cheat for him! While these stories have a light side, when one considers his role in our nation, they take on an ominous note. As the author says, “If you’ll cheat to win at golf, is it that much further to cheat to win an election? To turn a Congressional vote? To stop an investigation? “If you’ll lie about every aspect of the game, is it that much further to lie about your taxes, your relationship with Russians, your groping of women? “If you’re adamant that that the poor don’t deserve golf, is it that much further to think they don’t deserve health care, clean air, safe schools?” Frightening thoughts indeed, but we need to really think about them. Loved this book for those reasons.    

The books may be purchased used on Amazon or at The Book Shop ($10 membership takes 25% off new books for a year). Or at Beach Book Mart, Atlantic Station Shopping Center, 1010 Fort Macon Road, (252) 240-5655