CCDP Standing Committees

Finance Committee

The duties of the Finance Committee (FC) include budgeting, financial recordkeeping and oversight of fundraising campaigns and events. The committee will provide financial guidance to the Fundraising committee. The committee is led by the CCDP Treasurer, and supported by up to two additional members who are knowledgeable financial managers. The committee reports to the Executive Board at the monthly board meeting. 

Membership is open. Estimated time requirement is about an hour per month to meet with CCDP treasurer to conduct routine business with additional time needed during budget development or any special projects the Finance Committee decides to undertake. If finance and/or budgeting is interesting to you then please contact our Finance Committee discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Current members: Jimmy Bond

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee oversees, initiates, and provides guidance for fundraising campaigns and events. It works closely with the Technology and Data Committee to ensure that an accurate and expansive list of donors is maintained and tracked. Campaigns include membership drives, solicitation of large donor support, and sustaining member support. Fundraising events are broadly defined as any event in which a key impetus is to raise money for the party in general, or to support a specific purpose, e.g., funding Party headquarters. Fundraising may occur as a secondary interest in a broad spectrum of events, such as community forums and socials. The membership will include those individuals with good organizational and presentation skills to be able to plan, facilitate, coordinate, execute and support campaigns and events.  Ad hoc committees may be initiated for specific event planning and execution.

The committee will develop and submit to the Executive Board a detailed fundraising plan by end of the first quarter 2019, and a revision submitted by January 31, 2020.  The committee will work with the Finance Committee to develop a two-year budget, and will maintain ongoing communication to ensure effective planning.

The committee also works with Voter Outreach and Communications, Volunteer Management and Technology and Data committees to support fundraising activities. The committee reports to the CCDP Treasurer and the Executive Board at the monthly board meeting. 

If fundraising is interesting to you then please contact our Fundraising Committee discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Current members: Susan Wilder (lead), Donna Boone, Catherine Elkins, Mary Anna Newman 

Voter Outreach and Communications Committee

The Voter Outreach and Communication Committee is tasked with ensuring our Party leaders and the electorate understand local, state, and national concerns, as well as candidate and ballot issues. The committee will reach out to various experts in order to promote awareness and understanding of issues relative to political matters. The committee will include engagement of precinct officers to aid in the identification of local community needs and issues, in order to inform candidates and identify the need for new initiatives. The Committee will oversee ad hoc committees engaged in GOTV, Voter rights and voter identification activities. Ad hoc committees such as these will report directly to this committee.

The committee coordinates with the Executive Board and Executive Committee to provide speakers for routine Party meetings, as well as for any special events. The committee will have expertise in communications and excellent writing skills. It will provide content, including messaging, for the Party website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through the Technology Committee.

The committee is also responsible for press releases and advertisements. The committee will incorporate local newspapers, radio, local municipal and subdivision newsletters, and the CCDP newsletters and emails. The Committee will consider using media and marketing benefits through joint ventures and/or memberships with like-minded voting partners, and possibly with non-traditional voting partners.

The Committee coordinates with the Finance and Fundraising committees regarding any fundraising and financing concerns or requirements. The Voter Outreach and Communications Committee reports to the Executive Board the monthly board meeting.

If outreach and communications is interesting to you then please contact our Voter Outreach and Communications Committee discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Current members: Renee Hawthorne (lead), Lucy Bond, Colleen Thomas, Sue Schurer, David Wear, Rhonda Sakell, Jim Sakell, Kate Tate, Karen Baggott

Young Democrats Committee

The Young Democrats are tasked with organizing, growing, and supporting the Young Democrats program in Carteret County whose mission is to elect Democrats, advocate for progressive issues, and train the next generation of progressive leaders.  This committee reports to the 3rd Vice Chair of the County Party at the monthly Executive Board meeting and will coordinate with precinct officers and hold events targeted at Young Democrats.  This committee will reach out to local high schools and the community college to collaborate and educate where possible.

If you are a young democrat and would like to work with others then please contact our Young Democrats Committee discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Current members: TBD

Technology and Data Committee

The CCDP’s ability to plan, track and execute depends on the quality and completeness of its data. The Technology and Data Committee (TDC) will be responsible for maintaining the website and managing consistent professional communications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email distributions; as well as managing the Party data. The committee will ensure that the website and social media have consistent documented design and process governing the execution of its responsibilities. The committee will consolidate and organize information to ensure the data is usable and accessible, able to support all facets of the CCDP. Data developed by standing and ad hoc committees will be provided to TDC for consolidation and centralized management.

The committee will explore new outreach tools via Vote Builder, and other technologies, that will facilitate communication and community activism, as well as ensure a Vote Builder data entry process is in place and maintained.  The Technology Committee will coordinate with standing committees, ad hoc committees, initiative leaders, and the Vote Builder Administrator to ensure adequate and consistent support.  The committee will report to the Board.

If technology and data are interesting to you then please contact our Tech and Data Committee discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Current members: Cindy Wear (lead),  Joel Dunn, Shirelene Sherman, Jay Riebesehl, Rose, Culbreth

Volunteer Management Committee

The Volunteer Management Committee will create a robust volunteer organization that will address all recruitment, sustainment, requirements, and training of volunteers. The committee will report directly to the Board to ensure there is a centralized effort with decentralized execution. The intent is to foster and energize the volunteer experience, maximizing CCDP effectiveness on an ongoing basis. The committee will include engagement of precinct officers to support growing the volunteer organization. The committee will employ new approaches to outreach that include consideration of skills, leadership, and varied opportunities that will help create a more sustainable volunteer force.

The committee will leverage existing training programs and materials to build on the successful training efforts the CCDP has been employing.  The Committee will explore developing a cadre of ambassadors that represent various communities; such as teachers, minorities, youth, families, churches, and nonpartisan groups; with the intent of both expanding Democratic influence, and broadening CCDP’s understanding of community concerns.

The committee reports to the Executive Board at the monthly board meeting.

If volunteer management is interesting to you then please contact our Volunteer Management Committee discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Current members: Sue Schurer (lead), Cindy Wear, Helen Sullivan

Ad hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are formed for a limited period of time, until they have fulfilled their purpose.  The committee may be dissolved upon completion of its objectives, or in the case of GOTV or the Candidate Committee, it may continue to exist in a ‘standby’ mode for activation during the pre-election or election season. Some committees such as the Headquarters Committee may be stood up as ad hoc and then progress to standing committee if the need becomes permanent. High value committees may be formed for special efforts, such as Voter ID and voter rights needs. The expectation is that all committees will coordinate as required and/or as needed to avoid redundant efforts.  Communication is critical to CCDP strategic success. Additionally the expectation is that volunteers will find areas of interest in which they can bring expertise, energy and talent to CCDP efforts in ways that may be new and creative.

If you think you might like to participate in short term efforts as part of an ad hoc committee, please contact our Ad hoc Committees discuss how you would like to contribute. 

Headquarters Committee

The Headquarters Committee provides oversight, staffing, staffing schedules and ensures the smooth operation of the headquarters. We have a 1100 square foot space at 700 Arendell Street in Morehead City. This is a chance for our Party to have a place to provide a warm and welcoming presence in Carteret as we work to make Democratic values real for our neighbors and our country. 

Contact email: Headquarters

Current members are: Susan Schurer, Yolanda Lozano, Amy Voorhees, Susan Johnson, Phyllis Schrader, Jocelyn Montfort, Helen Sullivan, Rhonda Sakell, Jim Sakell, David Wear (interim lead), Cindy Wear, Debbie Starliper, Catherine Elkins, Janet Woodward, Tim Buck, Vickie Zangwill, Lucy Bond, Jimmy Bond