Current Needs:

Early Voting Poll Greeters – PLEASE consider doing a shift or two. It’s fun, easy, and you will make new friends!
Poll Greeters will stand outside the polls at our four Early Voting sites and greet Democratic voters, offering them a marked sample ballot to take into the polls with them and reassuring them that they have a family of Proud Democrats in Carteret County. We will be practicing social distancing and all poll greeters will be asked to wear masks. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

After you sign up, you will receive a Poll Greeters guide with information about what to bring, what to do and how to stay safe. Here are the links to the four signups:

Board of Elections – Beaufort:

Fort Benjamin Park – Newport:

MHC Parks and Rec – Morehead City:

Western Park – Cape Carteret:

Phone Banking:
Our last Phone Bank for this Election season is going on now. Sign up below and we will email you the details. We have 500 calls to make to voters and we need each and every one of those votes!

Canvassing: Hang Pamphlets on Doors
Happening Now! Due to COVID, this year we will simply be leaving pamphlets hanging on door knobs…..no door-knocking or face-to-face contact with voters.

Sign up below and make sure to check ‘Join our mailing list’, we will be emailing all the details.

Letter Writing
We have a letter writing campaign going on now to send out information for our local candidates. Sign up below and we will be emailing more details.

Buck Bayliff: candidate for NC State House District 13 needs help addressing post cards. Contact him at buckbayliff@bayliff4nc.com

Call Senators to tell them not to fill RBG’s seat until new President is seated on Jan 20, 2021
Today is a fine day to honor RBG with some phone calls. If you have never called a Senator’s office and you do not know what to say, here is a quick guide:

There are 9 Senators listed to be called. These are the only ones you need to call. We need 4 to vote with Dems in order to prevent an appointment.

You will be leaving a message. In fact, if phone calls make you nervous, call after hours or on the weekend. You only need to leave a message….not have a policy discussion.

Your script:

My name is……. I am calling because there is now a vacancy on the Supreme Court due to the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No vote on a Supreme Court nominee until the President is seated on January 20, 2021

Senator McConnell set the rule. Now he and the Republicans need to follow it.

Make your calls to:
Susan Collins 202-224-2523
Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665
Joni Ernst 202-224-3254
Thom Tillis 202-224-6342
Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
Steve Daines 202-224-2651
Martha McSally 202-224-2235
Kelly Loeffler 202-224-3643
David Perdue 202-224-3521
Even Lindsey Graham (who is on the senate judiciary committee)
202-224-5972 his email is full, but there’s a second extension.

Many of these senators are currently in tight election races. Let’s keep the pressure on them!Happ